Hope Letters – Information for Schools and Groups on Submitting Group Letters

So many schools and groups have been writing Hope Letters about how best to send in letters. We have replied to so many that we thought it’s time to publish these instructions.

How to send in letters to Hope Letters?

There are several ways your school or group can submit the letters.

If your school or group expects less than 50 letters, submit them online at https://hopeletters.wordpress.com.  This is suitable for small classes.  Please sure to remind your students/members to indicate their name, school or group name and city in the message.

If your school or group expects more than 50 letters, you should combine all your letters into one or several MS Word file and email it to Hope Letters at hopeletterscanada@gmail.com.  Your school/group’s letters will be grouped together and published in a separate page under your school/group’s name.   Depending if this is done in the classroom or in a large hall, you need to have several computers with MS Word so people can take turns typing their letter into the same MS Word file.   Limit each MS Word file to about 100 letters and be sure to save the file frequently to prevent data loss.  Each letter writer need only indicate their name in the message as all letters will be grouped under your school/group’s name and city.

What happens after I submit my school or group’s letters to Hope Letters?

If your school/group posted letters directly on the website, Hope Letters will translate your letters and post them back on the website, hopefully within the same week.  (There is currently a backlog.  We have more than 11 volunteer translators helping out but it does take time.)

If your school/group sent in more than 50 letters in MS Word files, Hope Letters will translate them and post them in a separate page bearing your school/group’s name.  The page will be posted after all translations for your school/group are completed.

In all cases, Hope Letters will broadcast your letters via Japanese school networks, teacher networks, community organizations and embassies, where appropriate.  For example, recent letters (as of March 15, 2011) were printed and placed by a local resident/volunteer at an evacuation center in Oishida, Yamagata, which is receiving Fukushima evacuees affected by the quake, tsunami and the nuclear plant failures.

Can my classes send in drawings?

Yes, your class can send in drawings via email at hopeletterscanada@gmail.com but you are responsible for scanning them into the computer.  As most desktop scanners have a maximum size of 8″X14″, we suggest you limit your drawing size to within that.  We recommend you scan these for computer screen resolutions as these will be displayed online via the Internet.  Please be sure to indicate the artist’s name, school/group and city somewhere in the drawing.  We suggest you scan and send one drawing to Hope Letters for verification before proceeding to scan all the drawings you may have.

Does Hope Letters charge us anything?

No.  Hope Letters is a voluntary initiative run by volunteers.  Hope Letters does not solicit donations.

Anything else I should know about?

You should know that by submitting letters to Hope Letters, you agree that Hope Letters can edit, store and transmit your submissions, including for use in the media and public communications without limitation.  You also acknowledge that no guarantee of any kind is given by Hope Letters.  (In other words, you let Hope Letters use the letters in any way without limit.  And although we can’t guarantee anything as volunteers, we will try our best as volunteers to quickly process and translate your letters, and get them in front of Japanese audiences effectively.)


Email us at hopeletterscanada@gmail.com

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