Ways of Helping Japan Disaster 今あなたが日本の為にできること

In Japan Disaster on March 11, 2011 at 9:46 pm

GOOD NEWS: Hope Letters were printed and placed at an evacuation centre in Oishida, Yamagata, which is receiving evacuees from Fukushima.  Thanks to the local resident who took the initiative!

There is no lack of ways to help those in Japan who suffered one of most massive devastation seen in recent years.  If you can afford to donate, of course your money can help relief operations (see donation links at bottom of the page).  Besides donating money, below are some powerful ways to help:

  1. Get your school/group to write hope letters at a class or special event.  See Info Sheet for Schools and Groups.
  2. Know Japanese?  Help Hope Letters translate English messages into Japanese.
  3. Know someone who knows Japanese?  Ask him/her to check out Hope Letters.
  4. Help Hope Letters connect with Japanese teacher networks, community organizations, local media or any resident in affected areas.
  5. Share this website with your family and friends. Add Hope Letters Facebook page to your Facebook, share and see Hope Letters status updates.

Hope Letters was started on March 11, 2011 by one Canadian who felt compelled to help in some original and unique way.  More details are in the ‘Hope Letters: Why, what and how’ section at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to help out, please feel free to get in touch.  Please also feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions at HopeLettersCanada@gmail.com.  Hope Letters に連絡をしたい方、こちらにメッセージをどうぞ。

You can keep up-to-date with Hope Letters’ efforts by following us on the Hope Letters Facebook page

  1. I am dying to translate English to Japanese in case you need more translators.


    Tomoko Yoshimura

  2. I would love to help out too. I’m from a student from NYC. I’m on a tight budget, but would love to assist in anyway I could.

  3. Dear Japan

    I hope that your luck changes and no more disasters will strike Japan.
    Also I hope that mane children and parents will get a grate houses and lots of food.
    Also I hope you are okay and that the disasters will stop now.

  4. ” You are not alone ” … This is my word which I always say it , I don’t how to Explain it ,,, but There are many worried about you ,, That’s why you are not alone … And I say it and quite frankly I am of them . Always when I hear any news about you I listen to it carefully … And I didn’t do it before … I mean I didn’t care about news or something like that !! … I really sad about you ( T^T ) ,,, always .. I knew you to be hard to imagine that there is nothing impossible … And i’m sure you are still the same …. Maybe you look a little change … But you are still & Will remain the beautiful JAPAN in my eyes … and you are still beauty in all your fans eyes ,,,, And you will come back the beautiful country .. That as long as we have seen and our dream to visit …. Now all the Arabs by your side To support you, and reviving you again
     …. You are not going to disappear from my eyes one day ,,, Ganbatte !!!
    Do all your best ^^ 

    From : F0F0 , Kuwait


  5. ….. ♥¸«•.*ღ Love ❤ Light ღ*.•»♥¸
    ….. ♥¸«•.*ღ Love ❤ Light ღ*.•»♥¸
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    ….. ♥¸«•.*ღ Love ❤ Light ღ*.•»♥¸

    From: Ritoania, Kaunas

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