Send a message to students in Japan 日本で被災した子供達へ応援メッセージ

In Japan Disaster on March 11, 2011 at 9:49 pm

The 8.9 earthquake in Japan has been described as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in modern Japan.  This disaster will no doubt leave irreparable scars and horrid memories in the minds of many, including children and youth who will live on with such burdens.

When the relief operations end and reconstruction starts, many children and youth will themselves in temporary schools with possibly different classmates and teachers.  Some may also find themselves staying with family or others in cities away from their destroyed cities.   All will be told to try to study but the reality of the devastation will be hard to ignore.

How can you help?  Send a message to support and encouragement in English and Hope Letters will translate it into Japanese.

Hope Letters will find ways to deliver the messages to local schools and school boards.  The messages may be posted electronically if that is available, placed as a hardcopy journal or broadcasted via local news agencies.

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  1. Dear Japan

    I hope all of you are alright and safe! People all over the world are worried about you, so don’t think that you’re alone. We in America are keeping our eyes glued to the tv and trying to find ways to help you. Don’t give up hope and remember the whole world cares about your safety. We’ll help you in any way we can, just give us a shout out and we’ll be there!

    From, the countries around the world

    P.S. Stay strong Japan! ❤




    P.S. がんばれ日本!

  2. Dear JAPAN…
    We all are with you ❤
    friends .. Help u in any side..
    Don't worry .. Hope tsunami will go soon (⌒▽⌒)
    Ganbateeeee ♥


    日本の皆さんは大切な友達… 私達は何とかして助けたいと思います。
    心配しないでください… 一刻も早く津波の被害がおさまりますように。

  3. To the children of Japan, people around the world are thinking about you and we care. we hold you in are hearts. take care and help others around you. Ganbatte.


  4. がんばって日本!
    We are with you and will do anything to try to help! Don’t ever lose hope! Everybody cares about you deeply and we’re hoping and wishing for your safety.


  5. Dear Japan,

    Everyone is watching the news, hoping and praying that you will survive this. We care about you, and we’re trying to help in any way possible. We’re all keeping you in our hearts and mind. You can make it. We all know you can.

    Love, the world.




    愛をこめて 世界より

  6. The whole world is there with you. We will pray and hope. I know that you will get through this. Please keep your heads up high and support each other.


  7. I know this is a really tough time for you guys, but be sure to hang in there. We’re all hoping that you all make through it and you have the whole world’s prayers right now.


  8. Stay strong, Japan. Please never stop hoping the best. After a hurricane always comes a rainbow, later or earlier. I pray for Japan, children, parents, teachers, rescue teams, workers and all the people affected by this tragedy. Know all the people around the world are supporting you. Best wishes from a Peruvian girl.


  9. to everyone reading this message:
    Hope. I send you all my hope, strenght and confidence I can get! The whole world is here to help you, and we’re supporting you in every way possible. We pray for you. We sent people who help and we sent money. Don’t give up! The sun will shine tommorow and you will smile. I’m sure. Stay strong ❤ !!



  10. To all the students in Japan,

    Don’t give up, no matter what, okay? Things aren’t too great right now, but everyone in the world is doing what they can to help. Even when things are scary, you’ve gotta believe that it’ll all turn out okay! You’re in our hearts and our prayers.


    何があってもあきらめないで、ね? 今はあんまり良い状況とはいえないけど、世界中の人たちがあなた達を助けるため、出来る事をやっています。怖い事が起っているときでも、きっと大丈夫と信じないとね!あなた達の事を考え、祈っています。

  11. You are not forgotten. Many Christians around the world are praying for you, many are coming to help you, many are even now giving to restore some of what you have lost. You are a great nation. We will help you to get through the pain of today.


  12. Dear Japan,

    I really REALLY hope you’ll all be alright. Losing your relatives, pets, and other beloved things is devastating, and here from America the best I can send you is all the love, hugs, and support I have to offer. The world wishes to help you, and you’re certainly in our prayers. Eventually the sun will come out again, and things will be okay. I just hope untill then you can all stay strong and keep your blessings. Gambare Nihon!

    ~ ♥ The World

    本当に、本当にあなた達皆が大丈夫なように願っています。親類の人たちや、ペットや、他の愛するものを失う事は悲惨な事です。ここアメリカの地から私が送れる一番の物といえば、愛とハグ、そしてサポートです。世界中があなた達を助けたいと願っていますし、私達皆が、間違いなくあなた達のために祈っています。いつかまた日は昇り、物事は上手くいくでしょう。あなた達がそれまで踏ん張って、幸運を保てるように願っています。Gambare Nihon!

    ~ ♥ The World

  13. May your reign, Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations, Until the pebbles, Grow into boulders, Lush with moss.

    Stay strong Japan! We love you. You are strong and inspire us!

    Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.



    イリノイ州シカゴ アメリカ合衆国

  14. Dear Japan,

    Though an ocean may seperate my nation and yours, please know that there are people who worry, who care, and most importantly, who pray for the safety and well being of all of your people.



  15. Dear sweet innocent students,

    My family’s hearts are breaking for you. I am a mom, with a 12-year old daughter and 6-year old son. My husband and I were up late one night and saw the tsunami pictures live in Japan. We sat there, stunned, in disbelief and horror. I wanted to write this to you to let you know that people who are thousands of miles away from you, people you will never ever know or meet, care about you and want to help. We can only imagine how difficult this time must be for you. As soon as my husband and I receive our paycheck this week, we will donate to the Red Cross specifically to help with the relief efforts, and so they can give you whatever you need. It is a very small gesture, but it is what we can do, and I believe so many other people will do the same.

    Please keep your hope going. Keep those smiles going. Be kind to one another, especially your family. You need each other during this difficult time. We wish you the best and want to see everything get restored as soon as possible. We are praying for you.


    Mom in California





  16. Dear people of Japan,

    I just wanted to say that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrifying moment. You are a strong and beautiful nation – a nation that other nations can learn a lot from. Please be strong, I know that you can overcome this! May the God be with you!!!

    With love,
    Riga, Latvia




  17. Dear students of Japan,
    You are all in our prayers and I know that this must be a hard time for you, but just hang in there cause we’re all there for you. Stay strong and keep faith in God cause he will help you get through this catastrophe.We wish you the best and hope everything will get better soon.

    Love and prayers,
    Chicago, IL(USA)



  18. Don’t worry, don’t be scared. The whole world knows what has happened and we are ALL here for you and your families and friends. We are all trying to make everything all better. We ALL care very much and are sending prayers, love, hope, money, supplies and people. It will get better.


  19. Dear students of Japan,
    I know times are hard especially now considering the disaster that struck your country, please keep your head held high and push past the devastation the best thing you can do is keep your head in your studies and make a difference to your future. Even though it may feel helpless or you might of lost your home and maybe even family members, it is important that you make it up to everyone who had died and everything that was destroyed by studying and developing your future. All of our hearts are with you here in America.

    San Diego, CA (USA)



  20. Please don’t give up in this nightmare!
    We’re thinking of you here in Canada.


  21. Dear japanese children:

    I have a special love for your country. You have changed my life forever and made me a happier person.

    Now, at the other side of the world all I can do it’s keep my focus on you and reunite as many help as this poor student can, to send it towards you. You are in my and my family’s prayers and we’re not let you alone.

    You’re truly an amazing nation. So strong and overcoming, I really admire you and you’re indeed an inspiration for all of us. Stay together, keep calm and know you have such a special place in my heart. We’re hoping for your safety and your happiness.

    Don’t be afraid, because you’re not alone. Stay strong and have faith. I wish sincerely for this words would reach you.

    With all my love,







  22. Dear Students in Japan,

    What you have gone through is something nobody should ever go through. Please know that the whole world is watching and sending lots of love, prayers, and support. We care about you. You are all very brave. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be sad. You have gone through a lot. Just know that we are here for you.

    – C_vandoorn, Los Angeles



  23. Hello there,
    I understand that you have gone through a tough time. Your very brave to have kept your head held high. I am proud of you, & of all the survivors. Please keep on smiling through the tough times, it will be worth it. My family & I wish you the best. I won’t stop praying for everybody. I care for all of you.


  24. Dear Japan,
    Your one of my favorite countries. I have donated money & I let everyone I know to donate & email to you all. We all care for you very much & love you. Hang in there, I know can make it! =]


  25. Dear children in Japan,
    I hope your doing alright, so much has happened & I feel like I should let you all know how much I love you, & that I will not give up on trying to help all of you. I hope everything will get better soon! I also hope to meet you all someday & give you all a really big hug because it would be an honor. Lots of love from California! <33 x)

    こんなにたくさんの事が一度に起こり大変でしたね、あなた達が元気でいることを願います。私はあなた達のことをとても愛しています。あなた達を支援し続けます。一刻も早く事態がおさまることを願います。いつの日か勇敢な日本の子供達に会うことができれば私は本当に嬉しく思います。そしてその日がきたら、強く強く抱きしめてあげたいと思います。アメリカ・カリフォルニアよりたくさんの愛をこめて!<33 x)

  26. Hey everybody,
    You are true warriors. I love Japan a lot, & I hope to go there in the future when I have my career. I am a second year student in high school. I go to Helix Charter Highschool. I will become sixteen years old in two days. Im curious what you all want to become when your older. I know I want to become a plastic surgeon. Its interesting to work in the science field because you learn so many things in the world. Your all very intelligent students, & I look forward to hearing good news about Japan. Hang in there, my friends. We are all praying for you. =)

    あなた達は真の戦士です。私は日本がとても大好きで、いつか将来日本に行く事が夢です。私はHelix Charter高校の2年生で、もうすぐ16歳になります。私は皆さんが将来どのような夢をもっているのかなと思います。私は将来整形外科医になりたいと思っています。世界の様々なことを学べる科学の分野はとても興味深いと思います。日本の生徒の皆さん、あなた達は本当に才能があると思います。一刻も早く、あなた達から明るいニュースを聞く事ができますように。友達よ、頑張れ!私達はあなた達の為に祈り続けています。

  27. Stay safe, strong, and united children for you are the future of your nation. My prayers are always with you children.


  28. Dear Students,
    The disaster in your country is devastating and is very hard, but you are not alone. The whole world is praying and helping in any way possible. Remember, whenever you’re in need, someone is ALWAYS there to help, even if it feels like no one is. I have yet to donate money, but I will sometime this week. Stay strong! You’re all very brave.




  29. To All Japanese people,

    I can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but please hang in there, we are all with you. I just donated a CAD$100 to the red cross to help with the relief effort, and many more people will donate. You are such a strong nation. Don’t lose hope because help is on the way. It will get better. May the Lord will give you peace during this difficult time.

    Easter from Vancouver, Canada




  30. Dear Japan,

    We are in awe that your country can stay calm and collected after such a terrible disaster. Please stay strong and don’t give up, especially the children. You are Japan’s future. We are all praying for you and hoping for a speedy recovery.

    God Bless,




  31. Dear Japan,

    I’m praying for each and every one of you every single day. Please continue to stay strong and hopeful. There is always light at the end of every dark tunnel. Do not lose your spirits. I know what earthquakes feel like because like your country the western coast of my country sits close to a subduction zone and on several fault lines as well. I may not know how scary a tsunami is but I know how scary earthquakes are and the damage that they do to people psychologically for many weeks and months after the ground stops shaking. I know that from now on every single one of you is going to be forever changed, but don’t let this tragedy forever ruin you. You have the help of the world who are ready to assist you in any way and a lot of people all over the world who are praying for each and every one of you right now. Keep your heads up! Buildings may crash and loved ones may perish and no matter how hard and how long the journey to a full recovery is hope will always prevail.

    Always in my heart and prayers;

    Olga Levin
    Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.





  32. Don’t worry Japan, almost every country is contributing to help your country recover. Just remember, it’s not the end of the world. Everything that is wrecked can be fixed; not to say that it will be the same, but will get by. be strong Japan,because it’s never the end for an awesome country like you.

    Lots of hope, love and dreams,



  33. Dearest brothers and sisters in Japan,
    There is an entire community of us who are praying for you. We are sending you lots of light and love, we are asking our angels, we are praying to God that the most benevolent outcome happens. Please remember that we love you, all over the world.
    Thank you for being so brave.
    Hugs from Finland and the U.S.A. and all other countries!





  34. Dear all:
    I live in Dubai U.A.E, I’m able to accommodate a few people in my home here in Dubai until they can get back on their feet. If they have school children, I can speak to my daughter’s school and or any other school and see if they can go to school for the rest of the year for free.I’m willing to do what I can to help out.


  35. Dear Children of Japan,
    You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. I am the Mom of two little 5 year old twin girls from China (Nicki Cian-Cian and Sammi Liang-Liang) and we want you to know that we love you, the world loves you and that you are going to be okay. The Japanese people are so amazing and so resilient and so brave and so smart and so caring. You and your parents and your family will re-build and you will be okay.
    Always…always…always….know that you have so many people everywhere in the world who is caring and loving you.

    Big Hugs from Raleigh North Caroline,
    Mrs. Cindy Woloszyn

    私達は、いつもあなた達を思い祈っています。私は中国の幼い5歳の双子の女の子のママです。(娘たちの名前はNicki Cian-Cian と Sammi Liang-Liang と言います。)私達も、そして世界中の人々も、日本のあなた達の事を愛していることを忘れないでください。だからきっと大丈夫。日本の人々はとても素晴らしく、立ち直る力があり、本当に勇敢で、聡明で心の優しい国民です。あなた達とあなた達の両親や家族が、きっと日本を立派に再建してくれます。だからきっと大丈夫。

    Cindy Woloszynより

  36. Dear Children of Japan
    I can’t imagine how difficult this is for you, but I send you all my best wishes. Please don’t lose hope, no matter how dark the days may seem hold onto your hope because it will help lgiht your way.
    Lots love and big hugs from Meaghan in New Brunswick, Canada


  37. Dear,children of Japan
    The world is praying for you all the time.We know this is hard time but do not lose hope.We love you all and have you in our thoughts constantly
    Stay well
    Lots of love,hugs
    from Filitsia,South Africa


  38. Dear JAPAN ,
    I watched the news on friday night and I seen the tradgedy that happened to you , I really hope it all gets better and I cant imagine what it is like for you , but I send all my wishes. I am 13 years-old and I dont think I would be able to handle the things you went through.
    Sean. Brignorth , shropshire .


  39. Dear All
    my name is Lewis i am from Alveley in Shropshire in the United Kingdom i first heard it on bbc news.
    I am very sorry to hear about your devastation i could not imagine what you are going through. I have to say keep strong and your heads high every thing is going to be ok. Noone would want such terrible thing to happen to anyone in the world. We are all here for you dont worry it will be all over soon. We are all praying for you you must stay strong not just for you but for japan as well as you friends and family dont give up.
    From Lewis


  40. Dear Children of Japan,
    The world is thinking of you all the time. I live in a place called Bridgnorth wich is the the UK and is no where near the sea. I am 12 years old. I first heard about it on the news on Saterday.I was so sad to see the damage that had occured. Stay strong. England is thinking about you all the time.
    Yours sincerely.
    Emilia from the Uk xx


    イギリスのエミリアより xx

  41. Dear children of Japan,
    Everyone is thinking of you I dont see why it had to happen to you and many others across the country I send all my wishes and hope the situation gets better because I couldnt think of what it was like to go through I certainatly wouldnt have been able to. I come from a small village called Highley in England and I am 13 years old.


  42. Im really sorry about what happened on friday me and my freinds are crying about it. Do not lose hope we will help you all the way. All of the world will help.I can not imagine what happend we do not live near the sea i live in England so i do not no what it is like. I am realy sorry.
    Alot of hugs and kisses
    From Bridgnorth, England


  43. Dear all in Japan.
    I’m truly in shock after hearing about your terrible devastation. We all here in the UK are feeling truly sorry for you and are hoping for the best for each and every one of you. We are trying to do as much as we can to help you and we all hope that you are doing ok. The Tsunami is being broadcast on every news chanel all over the world so every one in the world is concerned for you. Yet again we all are here to help you so yo must keeping fighting through and keep your heads high (you will find a way!).
    All the best from Olly Plain age 13 from Sropshire UK.

    オリー プレイン 13歳 より 祈りをこめて
    イギリス シュロップシャイア州

  44. Dear Japan
    I can’t imagine how difficult this is for you, but I send you all my best wishes.We are all trying to make everything all better. We ALL care very much and are sending prayers hope and people. It will get better.


  45. Dear pople of Japan,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the devastating tsunami that occured in your country.
    Everyone here in the UK is sending all their love and hoping to help you in whatever way we can.
    My name is Lainey Russon. I am from Highley in Shropshire and i am 13. I heard about this disaster on the news, i can’t even start to imagine how hard this is for you and we will do everything we can to help.
    All our love every one in the UK.<3


  46. Dear Japan. I am sorry for the devastation that this tsunami caused. My name is Harvey. I live in the UK and am 13 years old. I hope your community is going to be ok and we are all thinking of you. Teams of people from here have come out to help.
    Harv – Bridgnorth Shropshire

    ハービーより ブリッジノース スロップシャイア

  47. Dear Japan
    We hope you are all right. The people of the would are watching you we are trying to help by giving money and supplies. So keep your heads high and don’t give up. Send wishes to all children from Jack and all of England and highly brigdnorth Shropshire.


  48. we are all thinking about you and hoping that you are ok expecially me and my friend we want you to know that we will help you threw this bad time and any others like this
    i am very sorry
    i am in the uk
    we will all try and help you to recover



  49. Dear Japan,
    I live in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England.
    I am devastated by the damage that has been done to your country.
    I could not cope with the damage done to my community. I was shocked when I turned on the T.V and i saw loads of people without family and freinds. I am hoping for the best for your country and I am sorry for the devastating event.

    Your sincerly


  50. Everyone is trying to help you in Japan, so don’t worry, people from all over the world are doing thier best. I’ve heard about the strengh of Tsunami’s and earthquakes. i know how devistated you must be, and i do not know how devistating it must be as i live in wolverhampton. So stay strong! Sam webberley,Wolverhampton, England.

    イギリス ウルバーハンプトン州
    サム ウェバーリーより

  51. Dear Japan,
    We are all praying for you,
    Don’t worry help is on it’s way,
    We know this is a hard time but please,
    Don’t back down,
    I can’t imagine how hard this is for you.

    England, Wolverhampton




    イギリス ヲルバーハンプトン州

  52. Dear Japan.

    Hope you are all ok get well soon every country are buy you we are sending teams of fire man and sniffer dog to help nothing would prepare you for this. Im am from the uk and i wouldn’t suspect anything like this. This is devastating nobody was prepare for what was going to happen hope everything turns out alright.

    Yours sincerely Tom Wilkes


  53. Dear Japan,
    My name is abby preece and i am very devestated to hear about the tsunami. We are very very devestated to hear about the tsunami that has hit your area,We hope you get well very soon and we can’t imagine what it is like for you but we all know you will find a way to survive with the help
    from abby preece age 12 from the united kingdom

    アビー・プリース 12歳より イギリス

  54. Dear Japan,
    What has happened is devastating and upsetting, people are watching the news and are horrified. Everyone around the world has hope and care for you, and are helping. I don’t think I could imagine how hard it is for all of you.

    Sincerely Poppy, England, Wolverhampton

  55. To the students in Japan…Please try to be brave. The whole world is watching and doing everything they can to help. We love you very much and care about each and everyone of you! Stay strong for each other and God bless you all. 🙂

  56. Dearest Japanese students,

    I may be far away but I hope this message would make you happy and feel that many people from other countries would want to send you their love. It is because we belong to one world. And we need to be one with you in prayer and in help. Rest assured, we will continue to pray for your welfare and seek ways on how to help you.

    I hope that all of you are all right and safe. And I pray that all of us would move for a better world and be able to rebuild Japan. My prayers to all of you. Take care.

  57. dear families in japan,
    i’m 10 and i live in toronto, canada. i’m sorry about what happened to your country and feel very sad with you. everyday before i go to sleep i pray for japan to get better. i wish i could be there to hold your hands and help all of you. God bless.

  58. Dear Japan
    What happened to you guys is bad but always know that the good Lord is with you. You are deeply thought of at times like this and always in our prayers. May God grant you strength to survive this tragic disaster. We love you all and we are all in this together. Don’t ever give up, you are not alone.

    With love
    Concerned teen in South Africa.

  59. Hello. A GREAT BIG, tight, longggg hug to each and every one of you. You are never alone. Others and God always loves you. Some times bad things happen and we don’t always know why but I believe that some day we will understand. Please take care of yourselves too so you can be of more help to others. I believe that there are only two things that God would like us to do and that is to “Love Him” and “Do Good” by helping others. I am sending “light and love and healing energy” to you all. It is my belief that we are eternal spirits living a human life here on earth to learn. Therefore we really are okay even in disasters, and even if we don’t understand everything here on earth…one day we will. It seems though that we learn more during bad/difficult times and we also turn towards God. Cry out to Him. He loves you always. I believe that all those who love God go Home/the Other Side/Heaven to God and that we all will be reunitied. I hope that my faith helps you as well. I imagine it is extremely difficult to believe this when faced with the devestation and loss that you encounter, please keep the faith, be strong and take things one step at a time. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I care about you all. I love you all. BIG, tight, longgggggg hugs, me Julie W., in Wisconsin, U.S.

  60. To all of the children in Japan my thoughts and prayers for and your families. I am praying that soon your days will get better. Just know that even in the midst of this horrible tradgedy you are thought about and we the people from around the world have your best interest at heart. We have been keeping a watch on your country and we too will berelieved to see that help is there and things will get better in time. Stay srong and steadfast.God id with you!! Love to all Tena Rancho Cucamonga California USA

  61. Dear People of JAPAN :
    I really hope that these hard and painful days would end soon and never come back insha’allah .. from Arab world we hope to that you will get stronger than before as we always know you
    the country that is shaken by earthquakes but it shakes the WORLD

  62. dear japan…
    i’m so sad & i really want to help with any thing!!
    dont lose hope EVER & be sure that arabic & islamic poeple are hoping the best 4 you & for bahrain…

  63. Dear children of Japan,

    The whole world is with you. No matter the religion, nationality or any other complicated thing, everyone is praying for you. The news are being watched all around the world and help is on it’s way. It is said that the situation there is like being at war, but now there’s one major difference: there are no enemies, only friends. I want you to know that even here in Finland, on the other side of the world, we are doing everything we can to help Japan. So take care of each other and stay strong! Remember: the Sun will always rise again.

    Lots of love
    from Helsinki, Finland

  64. Dear Japan,

    In the face of your devastation, these words are very small but they come with love and prayers and the hope that one day soon life will be easier for you and your country.

    We are all thinking of you.

    Nicola xx
    (Worcestershire, UK)



  65. I hope and pray that you feel better 🙂


  66. Dear Japan,
    No matter what, don’t give up. We are all here for you. We all care. Just keep fighting, keep trying. Keep believing. Because there IS a future. Don’t forget about it.
    (Pennsylvania, USA.)
    (Also, I’m Indian.)





  67. you are really best students .. don’t give up be brave and try to keep yourself safe from tsunami and quake ..you build the future of japan ..i trust on you all because you are the importnant thing in the life so be fine and healthy always..^^
    with my love..hajer from egypt 🙂


  68. Have hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Help those that you can help and know that you will be safe.


  69. Dear students of Japan,

    The whole world is behind you, thinking of you and praying for you. Keep believing, do not give up and face each day with your head held high. I am a 7th grader in the U.S.A and am so very, very sorry for you, your school, your community and your country and all the losses you face. Try to smile each day and look forward to a new and brighter day. My love goes out to all of the people of Japan.


  70. Dear students,

    I am very sorry for what happened in your country. I hope it gets better soon. I am glad people are coming to help your country.


  71. Our prayers are with you. During this devastating event we are with you. We will try our best to help. PLEASE be strong, help is on its way… We are with you…. God bless all Japanese people..


  72. My dear,

    know that even far, far, far away, I’m thinking of you. You are not alone. I am here. For you.

    I love you.

    Raquel / Hoshinosan

    アイ ラブ ユー

  73. to all student in japan .. i really wish for you to be good .. i’m from jordan an arabic land .. me and all of my friends and the people on her are praying for japan to bee good .. i’m really so sorry about what’s happened in there 😦
    but don’t worry .. the god is always in there ^^ and he is looking and u and he is Testing your patience ^.^
    we are saying about japan : تهزها الزلازل وهي تهز العالم
    that mean in english :Shaken by earthquakes, which shake the world
    wish from the god to save japan and keeb it between his hands ^^

    日本にいる学生のみなさんへ。。どうかがんばってください。私はヨルダンというアラブ系の国の出身です。私と私の友人たち、そしてここにいるみんなで日本の復興を願っています。被害にあわれた方を思うと悲しくなります。でも心配しないでください。神様はいつもそばにいますから。神様はあなたをみて、あなたの忍耐力を試されているんです。私たちはみんなで「تهزها الزلازل وهي تهز العالم」と言っています。英語で言うと「shaken by earthquakes, which shake the world」(地震に揺らされ、世界を揺るがす)日本がどうか神の手によって救われ、そして神の手の中で安らかにいられますように。
    OH .. and yeah .. ^^
    after i’m finishing from the school .. i will make my own manga ^^ the name of the manga will be : hikari to yami ^.^
    wish for u to love it ^____ _^
    and this is my email : roro_-_chan@hotmail.com
    ja .. mata ne ^^ roro

  74. Dear Students of Japan.
    People all over the world are thinking of you and sending so much love to you all.
    We can’t even begin to imagine what you have all gone through, but know that our love and hearts go out to you at this sad time.
    Keep positive and know that you will get through this.
    We are all praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts.



  75. Dear Children of Japan,

    My name is Mark Vang. I’m 17 and I am from the USA, When I heard this tragedy I was very devastated, me and the whole world were. You are not alone and you never will be, For the whole world is worried about you and everyone came in haste to help. We are here with you and we will always be here to help. Things will get better and You all are in my deepest prayers. I Love you guys and may god watch over everyone of you.


  76. Be strong! things happen for a reason, and everything will be alright in the end. You will all get through this, and don’t forget to love and help each others around you! We’re all thinking about you and wishing you the best, you’ll be happy and comfortable soon don’t worry!

    With love from Canada, Sami


  77. Dear Japan,

    I know it is a tough time for u all now, but know that we from all over the world are praying for every single one of u. May He who is called the Prince of Peace and Comforter for those in need be with u during this difficult times.

    Many love and blessings,
    Sue from Malaysia


  78. Dear our children,
    Please be strong! You all are not alone, We will pray and do our best to help you! Don’t give up…..

  79. BE strong enough to face all the difficulties!! 中國人有句說話大難不死必有後褔

  80. Many people are praying and thinking of all the people in Japan. I will continue to pray for the students and all the people in Japan. Thinking of you.

  81. Dear peoples in Japan,

    Please don’t give up hope yet and be strong! We know some people are having so many difficulties and lost their precious families, friends and homes, but don’t give up and stay together! Please believe firmly you can overcome this difficulties! You are a strong nation, and we believe you can get through all this terrible events! We will try our best to help you and pray that this nightmare will end fast.

    Suzanna from Malaysia.

  82. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. I know things are really hard right now but soon, you will look back and see how much stronger and close knit you have become to yourself and to your community.
    Keep smiling, Keep walking, Keep Faith
    Sangreal- Liberty Township, Ohio, USA

  83. 日本が強いことが、我々はあなたと一緒にされます。頑張って.

  84. Dear People Of Japan,

    Please stay strong and never give up. Stay strong for your children, for your younger brothers and sisters. There will always be hope. I will always pray for you. And for the people who have lost their life in this tragedy, rest in peace and do not worry because your family will get through this.

  85. Dear Japan,

    I cannot even begin to imagine what you people are going through right now. It brakes my heart into a million pieces. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs are being sent to you. Keep your hope and faith.

    Peace and Love,

    Jocelyn Wheeler
    Vermont, USA

  86. Hi,
    A big warm huuuug to all of you. I know it must be a very hard time for you, but keeping faith at such times is what helps us get through them, so please keep your faith. Try to be a support for the elders and be with them, they need you as much as you may need them. Love, support, faith and trust and remembering that the world is there with you and that we all care and pray for your well being. Once again a big hug and god bless you dear friends.

  87. Blessings and prayers from my 70 year old parents from India. they dont know how to use the internet but asked me to write to you on their behalf. Look after yourself and be safe.

  88. Words cannot convey the deep sorrow I feel at the difficult times you are facing right now. Keep safe, be strong, and take hope. You are all very much in our thoughts. With Love, Rob from Sydney.


    ロブ シドニーより

  89. Dear children, I would like to share with you the words of a gentle and good man by the name of Fred Rogers. The words have brought me comfort, and I hope they will give you some comfort, too.

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”

    「私がまだ少年で怖いものをニュースでみた時、特に惨事が起こったとき私は母の言葉を思い出す。私の母はこう言いました 救助にあたる人を見なさい、誰かが救助をしている。 そして私はいつも慰められ、まだたくさんの救助にあたる人がいるのだと気づかされるーたくさんの思いやりのある人が世界中にいるのだ。」

  90. Dear People of Japan,

    I wish I was there to give you a hug. You are so strong and so brave and please know I am thinking about you. I once heard Japan compared to a cherry blossom,because it was so fragile and vulnerable to Mother Nature.I think recent events have proven that very true. Please know that help is on the way, and even though what has happened the past couple days has been very hard, you are so strong and the cherry blossom will bloom again.


  91. We hope and pray that you survive this tragic event. You will get through this . Help is on the way. Be strong and hold on.


  92. dear kids of Japan I hope the flooding will stop.And the shaking.I can’t imagine how you feel.Sending lots of hope and love. gabby



  93. Hope you feel better I realy do care. Try and be strong. I am 8 years old and i know what it is like to be in a earthquake not as bad as you’re one but it is scary hope you survive love Tyler.


  94. dear japan,

    I really hope you are alright.I hope you are ok and your familys and friends are too.I was very sorry about your disaster in japan.

    love jocelyn


  95. hi! Our country is thinking about Japan. We hope and pray that you are ok. This is a tragic event. Help is on its way we wish you the best. You are so strong and so brave and please know im thinking about you sencerly Aneesh!


    親愛を込めて Aneesh

  96. Dear Japan I hope you see your familes and that you are okay.I am a kid and I am 8 years old.I am a bit chinese and I speak cantonise too.I am from canada.Lots of love.


  97. dear kids of japan,the whole world is thinking about you,we in Canada and feel so sorry for that huge earthquake.You guys are very strong for suviving that earthquake and the world will always love you, Abhi


  98. we hope you guy are ok.Here’s a joke to make you smile:
    Question: why do you have to whip a cow?
    Answer:to make whipped cream
    i am 9 years old and am thinking about you.
    Lots of love,


  99. Hi my name is Lavina i live Canada and i heared about the earth quiqe so we want to send a letter to you so this is the letter i send you. I am thinking about you we hope you are ok .Love Lavina


  100. I hope you are safe just to support you I heard about the earthqake . try to be strong from hamza


  101. Dear Japan,
    I hope your alright! are you? I was very sorry about your earthquick! I wish I could help you but I don’t live in Japan I can’t amagine how painful it could be in a earthquick. this morning I tried to call my cousin in Japan until I found out she was in the hospital! I youwant to know I’m 8 years old.

    Juliet, Vancouver,

    Thank you



  102. Are you okay? I truly hope you are. Heres a little joke to make you
    smile. What do you get when you cross a docter whith a teacher? A blood test! BA DUM PSSSSSSS:)

    To:whoevers reading this


  103. Dear Japan

    We are thinking about you alot and we wish you luck.The earthquake and tsunami that I heard from the news sounded really horrible.We all wish we could be there with you but we can’t because we have alot of work to do and the radiation you have in Japan.We hope you have the rest of your life a better place.I hope all your freinds and family are in great condition.

    Sincerly,Natalie and Jessy



  104. Desr children of Japan,

    I am thinking about you.I am 8 years old.I can’t imagine having to go through such a scary thing like that. I hope you are safe. Try not to worry to much.I care about you.I know it is very scary.




  105. Dear,people of Japan
    I am so terifed of what happend in your country.Ihope alot of you are ok and safe.I cant imagine being in such terrier.I know it very scary and sad. I”m thinking about you!
    Lots of love,



  106. Dear:Japan

    I really hope your safe and still have your family.
    We all are thinking about you all the time!I also hope your friends and family are okay.I am 8 years old so Iam a kid too
    and I can’t amagine going through all that.Nothing like that has ever happen to me or most of my friends.Are you okay?I care about you so much this is the only thing I know in Japenese is thank you!



  107. Dear japan

    I want you to know that we care and respect you and hope that all your wounded will fulley recover. we know that you are all feeling very sad. Nothing like this has ever happend to use and I hope that nothing will happen to me. I know that it is very hard for you and remember that I am just a kid.thank you. Maya


  108. Greetings!We hope you are ok.We have heard about the earthquake.We are sorry that there was an earthquake and tsunomi.
    We prey for you,konitchwa.We love you.
    Victoria and Fortune

  109. hey!I herd about the earthqake in Japan and I HOPE your ok.If you are thats great!I herd about the earthqake on the news.AND IT LOOKS TEREBlE P.S be strong many gretings Olivia D. (I’m 8 years old)

    こんにちは 日本の災害についてききました
    ニュースが本当に恐ろしさを伝えています どうか 気をつけてください
    8歳 オリビア

  110. Hi students in Japan!
    I am a University student from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I visited Japan in 2007 and fell in love with your culture and your food! My brother is living in Tokyo right now and was there when the earthquake happened.
    I feel so sad that something so terrible could happen to such a wonderful and welcoming people. I think about you all everyday and night, hoping that relief and help will come quickly. I know that with each passing day it will become a little bit easier and the uncertainty will pass. I sincerely hope that all in your families are safe and healthy. I know that this note isn’t much, but I wanted to send you my love and warm thoughts. Please take care and know that someone in the USA deeply cares about you all and believes in your potential to succeed in all your endeavors!

    Parker Ashbey Brown

    兄弟が東京にいます そして地震も経験しました
    みなさんのようなすばらしい国民に このような災害がおきたことは本当に残念です
    アメリカから皆さんのことを考えている人がいること そして皆さんの頑張りが実りますように

    パーカー アシュベイ ブラウン

  111. I am sorry that the earthquake came and the tsunami. I wish it didn’t come. I hope you are O.K. and safe.

    Your friend in Lakeside,AZ
    Nathan (5 years old)

  112. I am sad that tsunami and earthquake hit. Are you O.K.? I am very sad that it came.

    Your friend,
    Easton (5 year old)
    Lakeside, AZ Montessori student

  113. I am sorry you had an earthquake. I am sorry you had a tsunami too. Is your family safe? I want to send you clothes.

    Francie (6 years old)
    Arizona, USA

  114. Dear Japan,
    We are sorry about the earthquake and tsunami. We watch the news and feel very sad. We are thinking of you. Please be strong.


    From: Justin and Davis (Ms. Nitta’s grade 2 Japanese class at West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver, Canada )

  115. I am sorry that the tsunami and earthquake hit. I want to send you food and clothes. I also want to send you water bottles and phones.

    Love your friend,
    Carrie – I am 6 years old
    United States

  116. I am sorry that the tsunami and earthquake came to you. Are you alright? What do you need for help? I want to send you clothes.

    Kelsea (5 years old)
    Lakeside, AZ Montessori student

  117. To the children of Japan
    It’s ok to be frightened and it’s ok to cry. Remember to talk about how you feel. Remember that courage is the friend of fear. And while all this craziness is going on, and maybe there is no school–you can still be learning. You can be helpful. You can be kind. You can take care of small things. You are important in the recovery from all the devastation. Focus on every little thing that is good. My hope is that each day gets better. You are held in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers. Be safe, be well and be free from all danger and fear.

  118. I am so sorry about what happened to all of you. I know you can’t go to school and learn, and that must be very hard. I know this note doesn’t make all the bad things that happened go away but just know deep in your hearts that someone is praying for you. I’ve been praying for you and hoping that you can all get through this, it’s okay to cry. Be strong and hold your heads up, I know its seems like it will never get better but it will. All you need to do is hope.


  119. Dear Japan,
    You are an awesome country. I hope you are okay. I hope that it is peaceful now. I hope you will be fine. I will help as much as I can. Stay strong. You have been very brave.
    With all my heart,

    Grade 2 Spanish student

    あなたが無事で安らかで健康であって欲しい 。
    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  120. May God Bless You My Angels <3<3<3


  121. Dear Japan
    You are so brave for going through something that would be very scary. You are also awesome. I send you all my hope. The world cares about you. Stay strong.
    Estan en nuestros corazones (you are in our hearts)
    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  122. Dear Japan,
    You are a great country. I hope you are okay. I hope everything will be fine. I will help you all I can. Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  123. Dear Japan,
    Everyone in the world cares about you. Don’t give up. Lots and lots of people around the world heard about the earthquake and the tsunami and we hope you are okay.
    Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  124. Dear Japan
    The whole world cares about you. I heard about the earthquake and the tsunami. Stay strong. The sun will shine tomorrow. I know it.
    Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  125. Dear Japan,
    I hope you will be alright from the tsunami. The world wants to make you safe.
    Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  126. Dear Japan,
    Everyone in the world hopes you are okay.
    Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  127. Dear Japan
    The world hopes you are okay. We are all caring for you.
    Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    p.s. Stay calm
    Grade 2 Spanish Class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  128. Dear Japan
    The world is caring for you all. We all love you. We also hope you are okay.
    Están en nuestros corazones. (You are in our hearts)
    From the world

    Grade 2 Spanish class


    小学2年生 スペイン語の生徒

  129. Dear Japan,
    I want to come build you a house. I want to make you toys. I want to give you T.V.’s. I want to make you beds. I want to give you clothes.

    Love, Seth
    6 year old
    Lakeside, Arizona



  130. Kids,

    I want to mail you blankets and food. I feel sad about the tsunami.

    Your friend,
    5 years old, Montessori Student
    Lakeside, Arizona USA




  131. I want to give you shirts and food. Are your moms and dads O.K.? I want you to know that I am thinking about you. I hope you are safe.

    Savanah (5 years old)
    Lakeside, Arizona



  132. I am sorry that the earthquake and tsunami came. I hope you guys are O.K. I know a lot of people got hurt. I will send you all the things at my house.

    Your friend,
    Raeann, 6 years old
    Lakeside, Arizona USA



  133. Dear Children of Japan,
    Our hope and prayers are with you right now. We wish you the best and we’re sorry this happened. We will soon be raising money at our school to help you have a better life. We hope things get better soon for all people of Japan.
    White Mtn. Montessori School in Arizona, USA

    アメリカ・アリゾナ州のWhite Mtn. Montessori学校より

  134. We here in Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, are sending you strength to get through each second of each minute of each hour and each day… there are people collecting support of all kinds through the Red Cross; please know you are not alone despite the pain you are going through.

    All the very best wishes,

    Ann and family




  135. Our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. On behalf of Canada I send you our thoughts, prayers and love.

    Zaid Rasid



  136. Dear Japan,
    We are so sorry about the earthquake and tsunami. We watch the news and feel very sad. We are thinking of you. Please be strong.


    From Davis and Justin from West Point Grey Academy (grade 2) , Vancouver, Canada

  137. To students in Japan:

    [Chinese text below]

    Keep going! Keep going! Keep going! I wish all of you the very best! I hope there won’t be more disasters!

    Ian Lee



  138. I feel horrible for what happened to you, to you’re families, to your home. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Please keep on hoping. I’m really trying to help.


  139. Dear children,
    This is a difficult time to be brave, but I believe you can reach inside and draw it up from your heart. You have all of our love and prayers and positive thoughts from around the world. Please take comfort in the love you receive from others and try to be kind to others, even when you don’t really feel like being kind. It may be hard to smile now, but you will do so again. You are a strong country and will pull together to rebuild and remember.
    Prayers and hugs,
    The Fox Family
    Maryland, USA




    アメリカ メリーランド州

  140. Dear Children,
    I am very sorry for you. I wish that you and your family can have a easier and happier. I can’t explain in words how much I feel sad. I hope that Japan can recover from the huge shock.
    Hopes and Wishes,
    The Karns Family
    Seoul, South Korea



    韓国 ソウル市

  141. Dear:childeren onthe Japan
    I saw the earth quake on the japan.I was so sad when I saw the earth quake.And I saw earth quake 1st time.But it was so strong that your house go out and familys.I wish you could do for saved from earth quake.

    FROM:GERRY(4th grade)


    ギャリーより (4年生)

  142. Dear Japan student,
    I am sorry that happened to you.
    I wish the horrible things would stop hurting you.
    I will aways pray for you.
    I can’t belive what happened to your house,school,and every things.
    I will aways pray for you again and again.
    I wish it gets better.
    from, Lindsay


  143. Dear Children,

  144. Dear childern,

    Your lucky to be alive.It’s a hard time to be brave and cheer up.I didn’t know the earthquake was so dangerous a tsumani came over and destoried your country. I always watch the news and feel sorry for you.I hope many people will help you clean the big mess.I hope you feel better.I also hope that your family is alive with you.Cheer Up!

    Sincerly, Ashley Lee


  145. Dear Children,
    Hi, I want this terrible thing to stop in Japan.I am sorry that i can’t help you.But i will always pray to stop this terrible things.I will visit Japen after the earthquake.


  146. Dear children in Japan,
    I hope that all tsunami and earthquakes are gone soon.I heard that Nuclear Power Plant exploded.I wish radioactivity does not hurt you and aftershock doesn’t come anymore.I will pray for you and Japan to get better.

  147. Dear Children,

    I hope you are all safe. I am praying to you! I hope there will be any more aftershock or earthquakes in the world.

    From Alex.

  148. Dear Japan

    Hi,my name is Elizabeth Iam very sad on what happend on your coutry.I know that you are sad about it.I want to go and help you but I can’t.I also know it’s very dificult to stay there. good luck

  149. I just want you to know that in this tough time for Japan , it is vital that we all set aside our differences to give our thoughts, prayers and a helping hand to those around us who are suffering and come together as a single planet, a whole world united as one hand in hand for the great good of our survival…. JAPAN WE ARE WITH YOU!!!! God Bless ALL!

  150. Hi students in Japan!
    I am a University student from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I visited Japan in 2007 and fell in love with your culture and your food! My brother is living in Tokyo right now and was there when the earthquake happened.
    I feel so sad that something so terrible could happen to such a wonderful and welcoming people. I think about you all everyday and night, hoping that relief and help will come quickly. I know that with each passing day it will become a little bit easier and the uncertainty will pass. I sincerely hope that all in your families are safe and healthy. I know that this note isn’t much, but I wanted to send you my love and warm thoughts. Please take care and know that someone in the USA deeply cares about you all and believes in your potential to succeed in all your endeavors!

  151. To the children of Japan
    Please know that you and your families are in our thoughts. The people of the world care very much for your welfare and safety and we are hoping that your nation can recover quickly from the disasters that have made life so difficult for you all.

    I hope to visit your beautiful country one day.




  152. My heart cries for all the pain caused to your people and your country.I hope that very soon the situation will get better and knowing your culture you will rise even higher than ever.I sned my love to all the people in Japan who are showing sooooooooooo much pride.


  153. Do not be afraid, just be careful. Follow your teachers’ and parents’ instructions. If you are the oldest student, take care of the youngest. Tell them stories of better times. Calm them down. From Panama, we send you our love and a big hug. Japan will recover from all of this.




  154. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Dear Children –

    In the United States, millions of concerned Americans are watching and reading about the news of Japan and seeing how you are suffering because of the earthquake and tsunami. We are sending financial support and our hearts and thoughts are with you as well! Please don’t be frightened and know that as days pass, help will come to make your lives better.
    Here is a big hug from your American friend!



  155. Dear Japanese Students,
    I used to teach children in Japan and I have been teaching Japanese kids for years in a small country in Europe and because I have always admired how disciplined and well organised you are I KNOW you will get through all this although it will not be easy.In those moments when you really feel depressed or feel devastated try to think of those young victims to whom the earthquake but especially the tsunami gave zero chance of life.Your lives were not taken away,try to bear this in mind and I am sure you will feel a bit better if you think of this.
    MY DEEPEST RESPECT for the brave Japanese.From “Melinda sensei”…..

  156. Dear Ones,

    Words cannot express how sorry the world is for you and your families, that you should have to endure this disaster. Be brave. Use this disastrous event to bind your families and friends closer, your communities tighter, and the world together. There are so many people around the world thinking of you right now, and wanting to hug you and tell you everything will be all right. It may seem now that the world is upside down, and the world is right now, but be patient, be calm, we will find a way to put it right. Keep calm and carry on, try to find a way to keep busy, try to find a way to let us know how to help. We are thinking of you.

    ~Lauren; Washington DC

  157. Dear Children and Youth of Japan,

    Times is rough right now but keep your heads up. You WILL get through it. Remember that you are not in it alone. People of all nations are sending help. We care and we are thinking of you, all of you. Be Brave!

    Pearl Leung

  158. Dear Students of Japan,

    As you live through this horrific disaster, know that people all over the world stand with you. It will take a long time to fix the things that can be fixed, and of course, a longer time to heal from the things that can’t be fixed – like loved ones lost, or a home or town that is no longer there.

    All around the world we have been admiring how brave and strong and caring the Japanese people are for each other. Please continue to do that for each other, but also remember to be as kind to yourself as you are to your family, friends, and neighbors. Don’t feel guilty for feeling strong feelings like anger, sadness, or even if you just get tired of those feelings and wish to be happy or laugh for a little bit. All these feelings are normal and I felt them too when I lived through a disaster.

    A few generations ago, your country was devastated by war, but rebuilt to become one of the strongest, most advanced, and most admired countries in the whole world. You are now living the story of how your generation will do the same. You are the ones who will grow up to rebuild Japan. Keep hope alive, and remember that it may take a long long time to rebuild your life. It won’t be the same, but one day it will be good again, and you will be even stronger than before.

    With my best wishes,
    Elizabeth from New Jersey, United States

  159. Dear Japan, I hope Japan gets better. I hope your people are safe and return to full health and happiness.
    Lucas – Pinetop, AZ, USA

  160. Dear people in Japan
    I am truley sorry about what happen down there and I won’t you to know I pray for you every day.I hope things get better and if you ever need a friend you should just pray to God he will be there.If that were me i would not know how to handle it so I won’t you to know I am thinking about the people down there and praying for yaw

  161. Hi, my name is Isabella and I heard of what happened to Japan. I am so sorry that this terrible tsunami/earthquake happened. You are in my prayers every day. God is going to take care of you. You are going to be fine. I know that it is hard. Although know what, when you feel alone, I have a trick. Just pray to God. Just pray and pray and pray. Pray in the morning, in the evening, at night, everywhere you are. Just know that you are in my prayers. I just want you to remember that God is with you always. I hope that you have a Blessed and wonderful day! God Bless You!

  162. Dear people in Japan,

    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I am not going through this but I still feel really bad for you all. When I saw what happened on the news, I could not beleive what I was hearing or seeing. When I went to school that day I told everyone at school to think about you alot and pray for you. I am still praying for you and I know that alot of other people are too. God is watching of you and I know He is. I know that everything is going to get better soon and I beleive that.



  163. Dear Japan,

    I feel so bad for you and.Hawaii I live in the state of. Alabama and we do ever get that.But if we did I know that.Yall would come and help us like.I think the United States is sending. The millitary over to help yall but,i dont know for sure but I hope.They do cause yall are going through.Some really hard times like we are,But ours aint no where as bad.As your problems I hope you get.Food,warmth,and shelter tonight and.Let god be with you with this.

    Your Friend,
    Andrew Johnson




    あなたの友、アンドリュー ジョンソン


  164. Dear Japan,
    I am so sorry that this terrible thing has happened. I have been praying for you during this time right now. I hope that you will find food,houses, clothes, and things that you need. I have been thinking about you all the time. God loves you!!





  165. Dear Children of Japan,

    I am so sorry that this confusing and devastating earthquake has happened to your country. Have courage and hope! Japan is a strong country, and things will get better soon. Please remember the strength, kindness and hope of the Great Saint of Nagasaki, Takashi Nagai. I will pray for you. In heaven, Takashi Nagai will pray for you, too.

    your friend,



  166. we have prayd for yall a lot


  167. I think it is absolutly HORRIBLE that this has happened to Japan. My whole class has been praying for you. I have kept Japan in my prayers every since this happened. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Stay strong! I will keep you in my prayers!!!!



  168. To all the young people in Japan,
    We are all thinking of you and praying for you in this terrible time for you. You are all wonderfully brave. Praying that life will settle down, so that you can rebuild Japan.


  169. Dear Children of Japan,

    I do not know you, but I have seen your beautiful faces on TV. I am so sorry to see what the earthquake and tsunami did to your people, your houses and schools and towns. I wish that I could be there with you to hold your hands and comfort you at such an awful, scary time. Across the ocean from you, here in the U.S., we are thinking of you and hoping that everything will start to get better soon. You have wonderful grown-ups there who will watch over and protect you, and you have many American friends here who want to send as much help as we can. We care about you and want you to be safe.

    You must be so proud of your wonderful country of Japan, and I know that you will be strong so that you can help to rebuild it. People all over the world want to help you to do that. Stay strong, stay safe, and take care of one another.

    の向こうのアメリカから、私たちはいつもみなさんのことを思っています。 は
    が守ってくれます。 そしてみなさんには、少しでもみなさんの助けになりたい

  170. dear classmates, things are difficult but they will change soon. resist. we admire your courage. we are ready to do whatever we can to help you. do not be afraid! you can overcome it. try to accept the present situation and move forward. life goes on. it is hard but you can do it. we feel compassion and sympathise with you. our thoughts are with you.


  171. To the children of Japan,
    I’m so sorry for you. Please don’t give up your hope. I have visted Japan many times and I love your country. I am half Japanese, half Canadian. The people in Japan are so polite. I watched the earthquake and tsunami on the news and it was terrible. I am so glad that you survived.

    From Casey (grade 2, West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver, Canada)





    カナダのバンクーバーのWest Point Academyの2年生 Caseyより

  172. we are sending you this song with our love!!!!

    students from Cyprus



  173. Hello To all of you in Japan,
    Here’s sending you goodwill and prayers from my family in the United States to you. PLease keep faith and love alive. Take care of eachother, we are all connected. Even us way over here feel you’re pain. Please comfort you’re children too during these rough times, I pray for a quick recovery for all of you and that you never have to go hungry or without shelter for too long. I will do all I can to help. God Bless you all. Love from California



  174. Dear, children of Japan
    I hope you chilren get better and get some help. I can not imagine that my age, 11, could be in bunkers or stuck in buildings. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. I go to West Point Grey Academy. We’ve been trying to write and give you help. This is the worst tragedy ever to happen in Japan. If I could, I would go back in time and warn you sooner that there is going to be an earthquake. I hope there is no more explosions at the power plant. I know help will come. Just hang on.

    From Ari


    Dear,Children of Japan
    Your country has suffered a great deal. We feel for your pain and this disaster makes us appreciate how lucky we are to be safe in Vancouver. I’m sure kids that are our age are suffering too. We can’t imagine us 11 year olds being in a situation like you are. Although times may be tough, you must move forward. Sometimes hope may seem like it’s not there but it is. It is always there, though tiny, it will grow.
    Best Wishes,
    Sincerely, Alexa & Thomas



    Dear children of Japan,
    Lots of terrible things have happened to your country. Despite all of your hardships, you have managed to stay courageous. We all wish you the best and hope that your future will be happy and bright. Stay strong when the future may feel bleak. I’m in grade 5, and I can’t believe something like this could happen in Vancouver. You are in your prayers and minds every day.
    Sincerly, Tiffany


    Dear children of Japan,
    I know the earthquake and tsunami was really hard for you. I’m only ten years old and I can’t imagine how it feels to have the world crashing on to me. There will always be someone there for you.People all over the world care. I can only put all my hope into you. Good luck!!!
    Best Wishes,



    Dear children of Japan,

    I’m so sorry about this terrible event.No matter how many loved ones you lost, no matter how many buildings are destroyed.I want you to remember that we care! I cannot imagine a ten-year old,like me, going through such a disaster. Do not worry, everything will be okay. People all over my city, vancouver are helping and donating money. help is on the way!
    Peggy, age 10


  175. Dear children of Japan,

    We are extremly sorry this has happened to you.We can’t immagine going through that,you are much braver than us. Although we are at Vancouver and only in grade 5 we really hope everything will be all right soon. We wish that the people of Japan will return to your old lives if even in a different country From the bottom of our hearts we wish you luck.

    Sincerely, your freinds Alex and Max


    Dear children of Japan,

    I hope you are safe right now. I heard about your terrible tragedy and it is just terrible to think about. I will do whatever I can to help. If you do not know, the whole world knows and cares about you including me,Mabel and the grade 5’s. I wish you the best.

    Sincerely Mabel,Vancouver


    Dear children fo Japan,

    In Vancouver we have heared of the diffuculties that you are experiencing and we wish you good luck. We are 10 years old and could never imagine what it would be like to have the worl that you know all gone. We wish you the best and hope that you recover quickly.

    Sincerly, Neve and Lindy


    Dear Earthquake Victims,

    We hope you get better, our hearts are with you. We are all wishing for you every moment.Hopefully you’re not injured and if you’re reading this we feel very bad about what happened. Nobody deserves this and nobody knows why this happened to you.We are very sad but we are trying our best to help.We hope this letter cheers you up.Since we’re 10 we can’t imagine our parents gone

    Sincerly, Will and Noah


    Dear children of Japan,

    Everything is going to be ok. Our heart is with you. This will not happen again to you. Everyone has hope and it is all with you. All around the world, people are hoping for you children. This is terrible it’s sad it had to happen to you. It could have happened to anyone.

    Ben and Harrison


    Children of Japan,
    I`ve heard of what has happened to you`re country and it`s devistating. we are trying to help all we can. I`m in grade 5 and I can`t imagine what youre going through right now. When you read this I really hope it puts a smile on youre face. I hope everything gets better and I will be with you every step of the way.
    Sincerely Jon and Oliver


    Dear brave survivors of Japan,

    We have heard about the terrible tragedy that has struck your homes. We hope no more disasters can harm you. We really hope that you are safe. We are sure that Japan will be beautiful once more. This letter has been sent to you from Vancouver, B.C. Even though were are in grade 5 and around your age, we still cannot even imagine what you are going through. Sincerely, George and Jamieson.

  176. Dear children of Japan,

    I’ve heard about the awful earthquake and sunami that happened. I am 10 and from Vancouver and I can’t imagine how hard it’s for you. I feel for you and I hope you can recover soon. To those who lost their familes and belongings, I hope that you can find them soon. Even if you think there’s no hope, there are! So, keep trying to find your happiness! Everyone around the world will hope for you and I wish that you and your country will be happy again.

    Best wishes,





    dear childern of japan,

    all though all has seemed to fade to black, there is still hope.In grade 5 we can not imagine what you’re going through. Your world may feel like it is crumbling down aroundd you.But we care aswell as Vancouver.

    Are best wishes,

    Erin and Giselle




    Dear Children of Japan
    Were’re very sorry to hear about the horrible earthquake and aftershocks.Being 10 it would be very hard to imagine what you’re going through,losing parents and lives.Were’re thinking about you in our hearts and don’t lose hope.Don’t worry help is coming.Good luck.

    Inessa and Hannah Vancouver,BC





    Dear children of Japan,
    I know these arwe rough times for you I’m 11 and I’ve never expirienced something like this,allof you are very brave.But stpeople all over the world are doing their best to help.People are sending letters and some are even sending money.Some of you have lost people you love.Iknow how that feels,so don’t worry you’re not alone.Keep strong and don’t give up;remember every one has hope in you.

    some one who has hope in you ,
    Anna from Vancouver




  177. Dear Japan

  178. dear children of japen,Ive heard about your awful situation.Im only ten and i couldn’t imagine What i would do if something like that would happen in Vancouver. Don’t worry, our city is donating clothes and donations to you. Everything is going to be ok.

    From, Spencer, Vancouver

    Dear children of Japan,
    We are extremely sorry about what has happened recently in your country. Everyone in the world is shocked that a disaster like that could ever occur, and what it would be like for people in Vancouver if it happened to us. At the ages of 11, we would be extremely scared and you are being very courageous for coping with this. We hope that there is still hope in you because help is on the way. We wish you the best and you are always in our hearts.
    Emma and Kate


    Dear children of

    We hope you are well despite the terrible situation. Remember to stay strong and keep positive things in your head! We are 10 years old and will help you have a better future. In Vancouver, people are donating money and supporting you in hope to rebuild a new home.
    Best wishes,
    Robyn and Janelle


    Dear Japan,
    We can’t believe such a devastating disaster has happened to you and your country! If it had happened to us, we would have been miserable. We can imagine what you feel! Every part of the world is donating, helping, and hoping that Japan will recover soon. Ten year olds like us would not have been as brave as you are now if this had happened to Vancouver. Stay strong, Japan! Even though we’re on the other side of the world, we’ll be helping you every step of the way!
    Sincerely, Amy and Olivia

    Best w

  179. We are so sorry to hear about your situation. We are thinking of you.

  180. God will help all of us. My Prayer to all the people of Japan. All Will Be Well.


  181. Dear Japan
    People all over the world are worried about you and we all are very sorry This is a tradgey that you dont derserve this and We hope no more disasters can harm you. I really hope that you can rebuild your city soon so you can get back too normal and I have great respect for the kids of Japan that have too change schools and live with relitives I am VERY sorry. I can’t imagine how it feels to have the such a disaster like this happen to me I live in Washington on the west coast of the United States and have never had anything like this happen to me,you should NOT have too deal with this and I am sorry and stay STRONG japan 😀 ❤
    From Jay at Langley Middle School


    ブラジルのサンパウロのBelo HorizonteからIzabela Araujoより

  182. Dear Japan,

    I think your people do not deserve this. We hope that no more disasters harm you at any costs and that you will be able to rebuild your city soon so that you can get your life’s back together!!! I am VERY sorry that this happened I woke up in the morning and checked my computer and I was devastated at what had happened. So get well Japan, we wish you fair winds and calm seas! 😀 ❤ From Alex at Langley Middle School in Washington


  184. I’m so sad! There might have been a nuclear meltdown. When the radiation broke out I thanked god that they were handing out iodine. I really hope that Japan will survive the aftershocks. The economy is devastated. I think they have the reactor core under control…

  185. We know that you are in a terrible situation right now. We could never imagine what you are feeling. Always remember that no matter how bad things seem there is always hope. Many people are sending donations and helping out, if you 10 like us then it must be devestating for you.
    Best wishes, Charlize and Antara



    Dear children of Japan,

    We feel your pain and dispair but there is still hope. No matter how many family members you have lost, God will always be there with you. Here in Vancouver, us 10-11 year olds are donating everything we have.

    Sincerely, Anthony, Alex, Aman



    Despite all the devistation in your country, this has changed me in a way I can’t imagine. I am only ten, like many of you, but understand that hope is on the way. Try to cope with it while you can.

    Yours, Charlie and Graeme.



    We are overwhelmed at how terrible this is. Here in Vancouver, it’s very hard to sleep thinking of your terrible situation. We are trying everything we can to give you guys hope. Even at age 11, we’re hearing about you guys on the news. Canada is donating as much as we can trying to get you shelter. Our prayers are with you, and help is on the way.

    Sincerely, Pierce and Eric


  186. I wish i could be there to help you guys but i can’t

  187. dear kids in japan l am sorry about the city

  188. I am thinking of all the children and their families in Japan, praying for your health and happiness. I am sorry this sad thing has happened in your country. The rest of the world is sending you love, strength, and wishes for good things to come your way.


  189. dear kids in japan I want japan to be safe as any safe place and as healthy as any country in the world I’m sorry about the tsunami and the earthquake and all the sins that happened in japan no heat no water I’m really sorry of no food or water and I think japan should have all they need-jonathan


  190. dear kids in japan,

    just remember that were out there for you and wen i see a shooting star, i will wish good good luck for you i am a fan of japan and all ohlone school is a fan we ❤ you!


  191. dear kids i am sorry that you lost your school.


  192. wish u well 🙂 :

  193. Dear Japan,

    I am really sorry about the disaster you have had in your country. I know it was hard for you, and I hope it is solved very soon. I only want you to know that I care with all my heart.

    Sincerely, Kevin
    Palo Alto, CA

    アリフォルニア パロ・アルトの

  194. dear kids in japan,
    I am vary vary sorry about what
    happend to you and your city
    I hope your ok


  195. dear japan students
    i am quite sorry about what happened to you home. i cant really help with all the disasters that took place like the earthquake sanami and melt down. i hope youre all safe!



  196. dear kids in japan i am so so so sorry about your city l hope you are ok you aer awesome i hope your city is geting made . i am sorry about your city .you are good
    from bim

  197. We feel devestated for the tragic disaster that you had to go through. We are 10 and can’t sleep without thinking about you and your country. Our whole country is sending you hope.
    Jacob and Lane


    We’re so sorry about what happened to your country. If that happened to our home city, Vancouver, we would be devestated. We hope things will improve very soon. We will all be here to help you through all of your difficulty. Remember there is always hope even though it may seem that everything is lost. We wish you the best and send you all our prayers.
    Cara, Shireen, Kennedy


    I can’t imagine having to be in the mess you’re in. It must be incredibly hard but you just have to know you need to always seek hope despite the hard times. Hope is on the way! We are here for you.


    We understand how you are feeling. Money and hope are on the way. Don’t worry, we are all thinking of you. We are only 10 and we can’t imagine how it must’ve been. Just remember, people all around the world, and Vancouver, are trying to help. We hope life will become better again for all of you!
    Chloe and Xixi

  198. tsunamis suck :):):):):):):)

  199. dear children,

    I feel really bad for you and I wish this never happend to you and I want you to know that there are
    many poeple in the world that feel bad to so when you feel alone just remember that your not!!!

    Eliza CA, Palo Alto

  200. i’m so sad that 88,000 people are missing 😦 😦

  201. Dear,kids in Japan
    I’m sorry your homes got flooded my dad sent $100 I hope we helped you!


  202. GOOD THING YOU’RE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  203. Dear kids in japan
    I am very very sorry about the disaster in your country. I hope you are o.k.
    I am a girl in palo alto California.
    I have always wanted to go to Japan.

    from Payton

  204. Dear Children of Japan-

    I think you will feel better knowing that a lot of people are praying for you. God bless you, help is coming.

    Isabella Alohalani (age 5)

  205. Dear kids of Japan I want you to know I think of you and feel bad for you and want you to know I care the situation that your in is tariball snommes suck

  206. 😦 ): dear kids in japan we love your your country we care i hope you can share this note with your parents i hope that you could have lots of love and food and water and heat and lots of love in your family love-jonathan

  207. Dear kids babes and adults, in Japan i hope that you are safe and you will find shelter and resources.
    i hope that Japan will recover.




  208. 😦 tsunamis suck

  209. sorry for the earthquake 😦


  210. Dear Japanese Student,
    I hope you are doing well, I know you must be very sad.The earthquake and tsunami was a terrible thing. I am sorry that you lost your home and if you lost any family or friends. I would just like you to know that many people all over the world, are hoping your life becomes better. Try your hardest in school and try to keep a positive attitude. If you keep a smile on all day, your day will seem better.

    Sarah J.
    Casa Espranza Montessori Charter School
    Raleigh, NC USA



    心の友、サラ J.より

    カーサエスプランザ モンテッソーリ チャータースクール/ノースキャロライナ州

  211. To everyone in Japan. You are an amazing country. I have loved everything about you, from food to music to culture and language, foe as long as I can remember. The Japanese are one of the most amazing people in the world and if there is one country that can pick themselves up from a distaster like this, it’s you. Not a day foes by that I am not checking the news or thinking about all of you. I even have family that is living there now. I wish to visit someday and I wish I could be there to help but I lack the training. To all those helping out, thank you and you are a god send. To the children, just remember that you are the future. You can help bring japan back. Never give up hope and just keep trying. I wish I could talk with people there, wether by phone or email, to let them know that they will be alright. Much love from Tacoma, Washington, US. I am 24 years old.


  212. Lots of love and prayers to all the students in Japan. I just sent some support to you through Red Cross and hope you know that there are people all around the world that care about you and are sending help.

    ~Emily D.
    Tacoma, WA



    ワシントン州ラングリー中学校 モーガンより

  213. dear kids in japan,
    Hi. i hope your country is improving from that horrible disaster. i’m so sorry that happend. i have been watching the news and when i saw what happend i almost screamend. it must be horrible down there. i hope it gets better. i will be praying fopr you guysand girls every night.
    langley middle school, WA




  214. Children of Japan,
    It is a horrible thing that has happened to your home. I hope that things are alright and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Do not give up hope; you will rebound from this and become stronger. Just know that we are going to help you and support you through this tough time.

    Ocean Springs, MS

  215. I hope your safe.


  216. I hope you are okay in Japan.


  217. Dear Japan, I hope your safe and warm.


  218. I hope you are okay.


  219. I hope you are okay today. Have a nice day.

  220. Dear students, I hope you are fine, don’t be scared. I am thinking of you. I am sending you hope.

  221. Are you okay? I am thinking about you. I hope you are warm and safe.

  222. Stay strong and don’t lose hope. Everyone around the world is thinking about you. You are amazing and will get through this crisis in time. x

  223. Dear Japan student,
    I’m sorry that this masquer had to happen to you. and it must be hard for you to have to go to temporary schools and live with relatives. but no one wants you guys to feel left all alone so thats why us students of South Whidbey Middle School are writing to you guys through this. and all we want for you is to feel happy and to never give up HOPE. 🙂 because hope is the best thing for us to never give up on. because when i lost my best friend who was a dog, i never gave up hope that he was no longer in pain, and he was happy in a better place. and when you’re cities and homes are rebuilt you’ll remember all those people that gave you HOPE. so all of you kids, older and younger people never give up in HOPE, just hold you’re head up high and you’re heart full of happiness and hope. but i can’t imagine what you must be going through but i know one thing for sure. things will get much much better for in later in life. because once i lost someone for a very long time and it was hard for me. but then as i got a little older i knew why that person stayed away. it was to protect me. and thats why you were taken away from you’re schools and old homes. it was for you’re protection. so remember to never forget about HOPE and happiness. keep you’re heart light from sadness and you’re brain heavy with good thoughts.
    Serenity Fernandez

  224. Dear Students of Japan,
    I am really sorry to hear what happened and I hope that you all make it through. As an Anime & Japanese culture Fan I am here to support your country because it has given us so much! Why not give back? Even through all this disaster keep on fighting and never give up on your dreams! not even a disaster this big will keep you down, keep your head up and you will see that you’ll make it through. I am doing my best to do whatever it takes to support and help Japan even in the smallest and simplest ways. I will keep on cheering Japan and I know the best is yet to come for your country! I love you guys so much! >:3

  225. Dear readers,
    I don’t know how much i can help, but i will definitely pray for you. Always keep believing that a better day is coming and remember that you are not alone. Many people from all over the world are sending their sincere love and support! But please remember to keep looking up and always believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The best way to deal with this disaster is to have a strong and loving relationship with your family, friends or guardians. share the love and always have faith; with this bond, you can cope with anything as one. Keep safe and have the faith!
    With love , vanessa 🙂

  226. Dear Japan,

    Everyone here from Dalipebinaw Community School in Yap, Micronesia sends their prayers and love. We are thinking of you all and we send you our support. Please stay strong and know that you are not alone.

  227. Dear Japanese friends,
    I send you all my wishes of good luck. Have faith, because I’m sure everything will be back to normal so soon that you won’t even realize it. These kind of events leave huge scars, but they also teach ourself how to be a better person. We are all praying and supporting you, from all around the world. I can’t do much more than that, but I hope this message brings you hope. Keep your friends close to you, because it is in those moments that you need them the most, for love and support.
    I hope everything goes for the best and that you’ll be back on your feet in no time.
    With all my love and friendship,

  228. Students of Japan,
    I am a teacher here in the United States and after seeing the pictures of your country, I have been praying for you for days. I cannot imagine how scary it must be right now for you – many of you have lost homes, family, pets, communities, your schools, etc… But I have been amazed to see your bravery and love for each other. You are sticking together and helping one another. I am praying for you here that you stay strong and keep hope. You are not alone!

  229. The whole world is praying for you to be safe and strong. Know that you are not alone!

  230. Sorry that your homes are destroyed by the earthquake. I am sending you a lei made of flowers.

    -Rosalia Ruwawyoch, Grade 4 (11-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary
    Yap Island, FSM

  231. Dear Japan,
    Sorry about the earthquake and I’m sorry about your house. I will pray for you.

    -Mellisa Laarad Grade 3 (9-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary
    Yap, FSM


  232. にほんつよくままでいて。わたしのにほんわりでも、いまべんきょうしてます。 あ、このうた、どきのため:
    こぼれ落ちるその涙が いつでも君の背中を押してる
    無駄な事は何もないよ 悔しさ数えるたび強くなれる

  233. Dear students of Japan,
    I hope each one of you are safe.
    Wish all of you a good days ahead, keep strong and never give up!
    People from all around the world will keep praying for Japan.
    Japan is also my dreamland. I wish to go there one day!
    Do your best! Ganbatte! がんばって!
    Fight-oh, Oh!!

    Warm regards,


  234. Dear Japan,
    The tidal wave is coming, it’s not coming to this island, but it’s going to some island. I wish I could send you a toy.
    I wish you safety.

    -Maverick Falarog, Grad 3 (8-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary School
    Yap, FSM


  235. にほんつよくままでいて。わたしのにほんわりでも、いまべんきょうしてます。 あ、このうた、どきのため:
    こぼれ落ちるその涙が いつでも君の背中を押してる
    無駄な事は何もないよ 悔しさ数えるたび強くなれる

  236. Dear Japan,
    I’m sorry for everything. I’ll pray for you. I have a friend in Japan. Her name is Risa. She is 15 years old.
    God will be with you.

    -Lynna Sigrah, Grade 3 (8-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary School
    Yap, FSM


  237. Dear Children of Japan,
    I hope you and your family are all are doing fine after this disaster. While this may seem like the end of the world, remember that this is only the beginning for better things. Know that you are not alone in this and the whole world is praying for you! I will keep Japan in my prayers. Japan will come back as a stronger nation!!
    Mandy, USA.



  238. Dear Japan,
    I am very sorry for your country. I feel bad for you. I wish all the people could leave to be safe and God will always be with you. I will bring my toys and water and food and drinks and technology. I want to give you blankets and bread. I wish I could send you a VCR and movies for the T.V. I wish you are safe in Japan.

    -Devin Reid, grade 4 (9-years-old)

  239. Dear Friends,

    I’m scared because of the tsunami. I hope you come to my island.

    -Malia Raitaput, grade 3 (9-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary School
    Yap, FSM


  240. Dear Japan,

    I hope you have a new house and food to eat. May God be with you.

    -Aner, grade 4 (10-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary School
    Yap, FSM



    Dalipebinaw 小学校

  241. Dear Japan,
    I’m sorry about your land. I want to send you a lei made of flowers, food, water to drink and blankets. May the Lord God bless you.

    -Danishia Joab grade 3 (9-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary School
    Yap, FSM


    -Danishia Joab 3年生(9歳)
    Dalipebinaw 小学校

  242. 日本の皆さんへ、こんにちは。
    ジエ二 ホール

  243. Dear students in Japan,
    We’re very sorry about your country and may the Lord God bless you. We wish we could send you a new house, a new t.v. and a new vcr.
    -Ricky Ruwawyoch, grade 4 (13-years-old)
    Dalipebinaw Elementary School
    Yap, FSM

  244. Hey guys,
    I can only imagine how horrible this is, losing everything. You guys need to remember that there are ups and downs in life and everyone faces challenges. Obviously, some are rather bigger than others. But life will go on. Plan for your future, despite the tsunami. So many people have you guys on their minds. We love you and pray for you every day. I promise you, things will get better.
    Liz ❤

  245. Hey guys,
    I can only imagine how horrible this is, losing everything. You guys need to remember that there are ups and downs in life and everyone faces challenges. Obviously, some are rather bigger than others. But life will go on. Plan for your future, despite the tsunami. So many people have you guys on their minds. We love you and pray for you every day. I promise you, things will get better.
    Liz ❤

    リズ ❤

  246. Dear Japan,
    I’m sad for what happened. I wish I could be there to help with everything, especially building homes, caring for the injured and helping distribute food. We appreciate your perseverance. Be strong and help one another. We are your sister island, and we pray for your safety. We wish you all well and my sister Harumi Oaki also.


    Yap, FSM

  247. Dear my friends in Japan,
    Our hearts are so broken to see the hardships you are facing. However, we are all cheering for your recovery! Know that we are all there for you in spirit. Though we have not met, we are friends who love you. Please know that we will always be thinking of you and praying for your recovery.
    With love from WV, USA

  248. Courageous Students of Japan,

    Know that whenever you are feeling scared, lost, or unsure, that you are not alone because we are all thinking and worrying about you all here. Have faith that things will get better as all of us in America are all praying for better days for you in Japan. You and all of your families & friends are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. May tomorrow be brighter day.

    Dalrae Danilson

  249. 日本の子供達:

  250. Dear school children of Japan,
    We hope you are feeling okay. We are thinking about you and praying for you every day. We wish you the very best and pray that you will be provided for in every way. We are praying for wisdom for your leaders and help from the world to bring you comfort. We love you and pray that this crisis is over soon.
    – Karen and Elizabeth (aged 9) Austin, Texas


    -Karen and Elizabeth(9歳)Austin, Texas

  251. Dear People of Japan,
    I admire your strength and courage during these times. You are in the thoughts and prayers of all of us here in America. We are very worried about you and hope that this letter finds some comfort to your souls. Keep your heads high and proud. We are here to support and help you along this journey of healing and always remember to never give up hope. Bless you all and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Malia Danilson


    Malia Danilson

  252. Dear People of Japan,
    I admire your strength and courage during these times. You are in the thoughts and prayers of all of us here in America. We are very worried about you and hope that this letter finds some comfort to your souls. Keep your heads high and proud. We are here to support and help you along this journey of healing and always remember to never give up hope. Bless you all and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


  253. You are special. You have a special place in my heart. Don’t let this incident discourage you rather, take notice of the bravery and devotion of your elders. Make them your strength and inspiration. Make this as a life learning experience and pass it on to the future generation. Be strong, persevere..You are a great nation, so will be the future generation. Remember you are not alone..You have our prayers and support. The world awaits the future you.



  254. Every passing momment is another chance to turn it all around.

  255. My family and I hold you in our hearts, and hope that you’ll be able to live comfortably again soon (kimochi narimashita). People in the US care very much and admire the strength and patience of the Japanese people. I hope that you will soon find things to make you smile and laugh.

    When we lived in Kyushu, we were treated so kindly, and we want to do what we can for you. My daughter, who was born just after I returned to the US, will be working on fundraising for Japan…all the students who love anime and mange and who study Japanese will help.

    Your friends in America care about you and we will do what we can to help bring about happier days.

    From our hearts and home to you,


  256. Hello from America. We love you.

  257. Hold on! All that hapenned should give you more strenghth and make you brave! That disaster could have hapenned everywhere on Earth and we should take care of each other. Even moral encouragement will help. I know that our country helps much the people in Japan. And I wish you to survive in that difficult situation.


  258. Children from Ukraine send you love! Love can do miracles!
    Ganbaré! がんばれ!

  259. Dear children of Japan,

    I am in Portland, on the west coast of the USA, sending you all the love in my heart. I am so sorry about everything that has happened, but you should know that everyone in the world is thinking of you and sending love your way. Everything will get better. Right now, remember to stay strong, help one another, and keep up hope. We love you,


  260. I feel so sorry to what happened to you and your friends. I hope you can read this letter from me if you suvive, I will keep trying to support you people of amazing Japan!

  261. Dear Children, Students and Young Ones…

    Be strong! Life had thrown you a big challenge.
    I pray that you may have the strength to rise above this.
    I pray that you may always get shelter and food and safety.
    For those of you, who have lost parents and family members..
    may there will always be a caring hand over your head.
    I pray that you be there for each other for moral support.
    Keep your spirits up and your chin high.
    You, reading this right now, are one of the brightest, most intelligent brains in the whole world.
    The world needs you to grow up well! Grow up strong!
    All our prayers and support is with you!

    Richa Sarin, Delhi, India

  262. Please, stay safe and strong!
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    We want you to overcome this from the bottom of our hearts.
    I’m praying for you. México loves you.


  263. Hi,
    We are thinking of you and send our best wishes, hopes and strength to you all. We hope you are ok.
    Lots of Love,
    Emma, Jessica, and Skylar 🙂

  264. Dear All ,
    I pray that everything will be back to being the same again.. i know you all will survive this.. all the best my best wishes with you .. you are not alone the whole world is with you..!!
    smile and the troubles will not seem to be as bad as they are..
    Dont lose hope…load o love

  265. To the rescue workers in Japan,
    Your struggle against difficult odds is a tough one, but we know you can do it. The people of your country are supporting you as well as the rest of the world.
    I have several friends in Japan, and I know that your work is important to them as well as everyone else there, so keep your spirits up.


  266. Dear Children of Japan Affected by the Earthquake,

    Please know that there are people all over the world grieving for you and your losses, and praying for you that you will be safe. Be strong, and you will make it through this.

    Love, Kelli from the USA

  267. To the Dear People of Japan,

    Your country and your people have always been dearly beloved to me, and you have been first in my thoughts and prayers since March 11. I wish that I could do more than send a message to you all; I wish I could be there with you now, feeding everyone that was hungry and healing everyone that was wounded, helping you rebuild. I would do anything I could for the people of Japan–you mean everything to me.

    Please know that I offer to you all the love and support of my heart, so that you will recover, heal and thrive. I have no doubt you will succeed. You are a strong, smart and miraculous people. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your lost loved ones, they are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love from Julie Brown of the USA–your eternal friend

  268. To all in Japan:

    Japan has strong people and they will overcome this crisis soon. Keep your strenght and hope. Give your best!

    Remember the wise words: 人生万事塞翁が馬

    I’ll pray for you.

    With love,

    Gabriela from Brasil

  269. You are the future of a great nation. Stay strong.

  270. Please know we are praying for you, and sending money to help with the recovery. We receive many Japanese visitors to my island (Guam). I think the Japanese people are the most friendliest and compassionate of all people. Don’t give up hope!

  271. Dear students of Japan,
    I have heard of your stories and I just want to say sorry. I feel your pain, I have a friend who moved to Japan. Everyday after I heard of this I think of her life and safety. So Good Luck, be safe and keep hope in your heart.


    Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter
    Raleigh,Nc, USA

  272. Dear Japan,

    Your bravery, fortitude and the grace which you have handled this crisis has been inspirational for the entire world. In the face of unfathomable disaster, you have kept calm and demonstrated the utmost example of strength in the face of adversity. Japan has consistantly demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian aid and development in numerous global crises and now its the world’s turn to help you. You remain in our thoughts and prayers and whatever assistance you may require I hope that the world will do justice to meet your need. I hope the situation improves for each individual and all that was lost may be recovered, and then some. As difficult as it is, I hope you remain strong and know that millions of people support you, your families, your nation and it’s recovery.

  273. Dear ones,
    I am a mother from Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the USA and I am very, very worried about you all. I send love and and hope and so many prayers across thousands of miles to you and your families and friends. I am glued to my television every day watching the horror of what you have all had to endure, and I simply cannot believe it. Your strength in the face of this disaster touches me so deeply. The world is so very upset by this crisis and we are all doing whatever we can to help you get through it safely.
    May God and Mohammad and Buddha and all the other Watching Ones cradle you in the palm of their hands and give you their comfort during this time of sorrow.

    With love and hope,
    Lori Credit
    Harwich, Massachusetts

  274. To the children of Japan, our family is sending you peace, love and strength. Please remember that things will get better and that the whole world is holding your hand.

  275. Japan friends:
    We are praying for all you!

  276. Dear Japan

    I hope everything will be okay , I pray for you everyday ,,,
    We all with you ❤
    I know you dont deserve what happened but thats life


  277. Dear Japan, I hope you are okay and I am thinking about you. I love you.


  278. I’m sorry, I hope you are happy.


  279. Dear children, I hope you are okay.

  280. I hope you are okay. Lots of love and hope from Canada.

  281. Dear Japan, I’m sorry that you had an earthquake and I am trying to help you repair your homes.

  282. I hope you are okay. I hope you find a home and I wish you a good life.

  283. Keep hope! We are all praying for you guys and hoping you are fine! I am a 1/2 Japanese teenager from the States and while my family is safe from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, radiation is a scary issue. But stay strong, keep hopeful and know that you are all in our prayers and hearts and minds.
    Hope you all have safety, hope, happiness and health!


  284. Dear children, I’m thinking about you in love. I hope you are safe. I hope you are healthy.

  285. Dear Japan, I hope that you have your homes back.


  286. I hope that you will find a way to work thorugh this


  287. I hope you are ok. I hope your family and house are all ok. I know every thing you are doing will pay off.


    The world stands with you. I am 10 years old and I can’t beleive it and my heart and I give my heart out to you and your family. Keep working hard we are here in Canada. I wish I could to Japan to help with whatever I could possibly do. Rohet and Jimmy



  288. To everyone reading,
    My deepest regards go towards you and your families, and I hope that you are able to stay strong and make a quick and efficient recovery. Keep hope, God is working his magic right now and he is watching over each and every one of you. Keep the faith!

  289. People and students of Japan
    we are sending our prayers and thoughts to you and your families. We are trying to find ways to help you recreate your societies. I just wanted to encourage you and your friends and family to stay strong.
    I found this verse and thought it might be an encouragement to you Japan:

    Don’t you be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. Yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.-Isaiah 41:10

    We are sending our hopes and prayers from Canada, to you Japan.

  290. I wish you safety, health, and courage, as you rebuild your cities, towns, and lives.

  291. Students of Japan,

    I hope that in this disaster you can be able to persevere and never loose hope. I hope that this scripture can give you inspiration! “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4). I pray that your fear can be overcome with love and hope, don’t give up.

    Canada sends its prayers and hope to you, stay strong Japan ❤

  292. Dear Japan,
    We are all praying for your safety and protection. Your courage and endurance is giving us all inspiration. We hope your home has lasted through the storm and that your family is safe

    The Rest of the World

  293. Dear Children of Japan,

    Please know that although there is space between us, our thought are as if we are sitting with you.
    Our news update us on whats going on, our conversations are about how we can do our part to
    insure the safety of the people effected by this tragedy.
    In the USA we have a group for young girls called Girl Scouts, the girls work hard for months to sell cookies The troop of 12 girls that I run have elected to is donating their cookie money to the red crosses efforts in Japan.
    Remember you are part of an amazing nation/world of people, No one is helpless, nothing is hopeless.
    I know its bad now, but you will move forward with the world at your side.

    Mrs Connolly

  294. Do not panic. Help will soon be here. Remember hope and help is just around the corner.


    I am sorry to hear that you are in so much distress after the earthquake. I am ten years old and I live in Canada and I am happy to hear that the earthquake has setled. It must have been terrifiying to be stuck in a tsunami without a parent and not to be comforted by a parentthat would be scary.



    We’re here for you because we know you’re in trouble. We wish you the best wishes for the future. We know that you may be hurt so we wish you to feel better. I hope your country will be able to be rebuilt. One day everthing will be back to norma. We know you’re surrounded by sad things but just keep on haning in there.

    -Ali and Kelly


    I hope you will recover soon! Help is coming. It must be horrible there,I can’t belive it! You must feel devestated. I feel extremly sorry for you. Hopefully all of you will find your all of your family. The tsunami must of destroyed everything! But don’t worry,
    soon everthing will be okay



    I know that you had your city destroyed but I hope that you will fix it soon so I will always wish you luck so, don’t give up 🙂


    I hope you guys are okay! I saw the pictures and I vwas extremely depressed.I hope you and your family are okay. Don’t worry. Just hold on to a little bit of hope. Help will come My heart goes with you during your hardships.

  295. I wish you all the best.
    I hope it all ends soon- all the pain, all the death, all the sadness.
    I can’t even beging to imagine how TERRIBLE it was. I was shocked when I heard about the disaster.
    Have hope.

    I heard about the earth quake and I feel horrible for you you must be in so much pain I wish i could help but unfortunatly all i can do is say that there are peaple out there that care so hold on keep thinking about us the peaple who care.
    Hold on.


    We hope that your family and friends are all safe. My name is Grace and I am 10 years old and in graede 5.We know those disasters shattered your world.We are trying to figure out ways to help Japan.Your parents and the rest of Japan are trying to put back together your brocken world. Canada is here for you and so is the rest of the world.We hope you feel better. Grace


    We feel terrible about the terrible things that happend to you.We hope yuo the best of joll.We are going to be praying for you in Canada so we once again wish you the best!


    to japan. i am a 10 year old and i am a japanese canadian.iam i am trying to send money and hope to japan .whenever whereever there is always hope.

  296. I hope you are alright. are you living alright? Please please listen in you must remember there is always hope even in the darkest grimest situations.Even in the smalllest strangest forms it is always there to help everyone! it will be ok!



    Hi everyone in Japan, we all hope that all of your fanilies
    and friends are safe and together,from that devistating earthquake
    and tsunami. We know that those dizaster shattered your world.I do not know exactly how you feel right now, but we are here for you.
    Please remember that their will always be hope around you.

    Caitlin and Irene


    We all hope that you, your families, and friends are all safe together. We know those disasters shattered your world. We’re all trying to find ways to help you. I don’t know exactly how you feel, but I want everyone to know that we’re standing by you. Stay strong and be brave



    I heard that there was an earthquake on the news. Sorry it wreked your citys, We are doing everything in our power to help you! Promise help will come soon! You should know we are standing with you!


    I heard about the earthquake on the news. How devastating! The tsunami sound worse but don’t give up! Help will come soon! We are doing the best we can to heal all the survivors.I’m sorry about your loved ones. Don’t worry God will make everything all right.
    Lauren Quan


    Hello.My name is David.I know the devestation of being in a disaster worse than World War Two,but don’t worry because there is always hope.I know how hard it is to struggle with the fact that you have experienced an earthquake,a tsunami, and a nuclear explosion ,but help is on the way.I wish you all the best and I have faith in you.

  297. I really hope you all are going to be okay, my family and I are praying for you and your country.You are a very strong country in my eyes and I can see you becoming a stronger country after everything is better. Remember to always tell your friends and your family that you love them and I wish all the best and lots of love. Please be strong for us.

  298. Dear people of Japan

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I think of you often. Stay strong and look after each other as best you can and know that you are supported.


  299. Hey everyone,

    How are you feeling after this difficult time? Everything must kind of scary and different. I know I was scared for my Japanese friends and their families whom I love dearly. I hope that everything is alright for you. I hope that you can keep up in school. I hope that you have fun with your friends. I hope you can watch your favorite old “drama” on TV again.
    We are heading into spring, which is always nice. I am jealous that you have all those beautiful sakura trees to look at in Japan. I live in France and I only have one cherry tree. It is the neighbor’s but I can see it from my window and it is starting to bloom right now!
    I love spring because it the season of new beginnings. We leave the cold and dreary winter for flowers and green leaves. Maybe you will blossom as well this spring?
    Well, hang in there and spend time with your family and friends that love you.


  300. dear person,
    i herd what happend & i hope

  301. Dear Japan,
    I am so sorry for what happend

  302. Dear,student

    i feal for you i hope your family and friends are ok i hope you have a nice place to stay

    your friend

  303. dear student,
    I feel so bad of what happend. I STILL hope you are ok. I hope you guys still have an awesome life at japan.

  304. Dear Japan,
    I heard what happend and I hope you get better

  305. Dear Student,
    I found out about the eathquacke/tsunami. i hope you’re

  306. Dear Student,
    I found out about the earthquake/tsunami. I hope you’re ok.
    I’m sure we will try to help Japan out by picking up your city.

  307. Dear Students,

    Stand strong. I’ve been to Japan twice and I ache for what is happening to all of you. Japan is a beautiful country full of caring, kind people.
    Keep hope in your hearts and remember that all around the world people are praying for you. Remember there is always a sparkle of hope. Stay kind and help each other, as you have been, that’s the way to keep hope alive!

    P.S. if any of you are in Tokyo and know of Cafe Roje tell June and Koko that the Pierce family is thinking of them!

  308. Dear people,
    I heard what happened & I hope you get better.
    Tsunamis & earthquakes suck.

  309. Dear student,
    I heard about what happened. I hope you are ok. I feel sorry for you. Bye

  310. Dear Japan students,
    I feel really bad about what happened, I hope you are doing okay.

  311. As a frequent visitor to Japan, no natural disaster has felt as close to home as the Tohoku Earthquake on March 11th 2011 . I’ve been overwhelmed by different emoticons I’ve never felt before. Everyday I check the news in hopes there hasn’t been another earthquake. I’m contently e-mailing my friends in Japan to make sure they’re okay. I can’t get enough reassurance.

    As the nuclear power plants in Fukushima continue to be a threat and the freezing temperatures in the region continue to drop. I want you to know that my thoughts are with everyone in Japan. I know that as the weeks and months go by Japan will recover swiftly. I’ve already seen pictures of the reconstruction taking place. Quite frankly I’ve no words to describe them as other than incredible.

    The pictures and video I witnessed on that day will forever be in my memory. I will continue to support Japan and do what I can for the relief efforts in the near future. My thoughts are with you.

    God Bless Japan,


  312. Dear Student,

    I heard about the tsunami. I feel really bad for all of you and I feel sad for you guys so I am giving you my hope and luck. I hope you’re safe and sound.

  313. I am sorry that your town was hit by the earthquake, but you are not alone. We are here to save you. I hope you are okay and you know we are praying for you. I hope you are not alone and I hope your family is okay.

  314. Dear_________,

    Are you ok?I hope you are ok.
    Good luck.


  315. Dear Student,

    I heard about the disaster there:( It sounds really bad. I wanted to ship everything I had to you!! I hope you’re not hurt badly! I also hope your family is ok and you. I send great wishes to everybody and you:)



  316. Dear Student,

    I hope you’re not hurt I feel really bad for you and your family. I hope your going to live in another country with your family. I
    hope your family is still alive also. I feel really bad about you I
    wish I could ship my whole house to you!


  317. Dear Student,

    I heard about the tsunami, and I feel really bad and I hope you’re safe!!! Have faith in yourself because you’re very lucky!!!!
    My whole class is very worried about you all.

    With much hope,


  318. Dear Student,

    I heard about the tsunami and earthquake I feel really bad for you.


  319. Dear Friend,
    Words can’t even begin to explain the sympathy I have for you. I understand that your world has drastically changed and that life is very tough at the moment. If you’ve lost someone special, I’m terribly sorry. I understand your hurt and pain. You are truly in my prayers and I wish nothing but the best for you. I’m unaware of your religion but I am a Christian and I believe that God won’t give you more than you can bear. Always remember, that right before your season of prosperity, is your storm. Just know that the best is yet to come. Hopefully you start back school soon and get back to learning and receiving your education. With everything in me, I hope that you make it through this and don’t give up. Any and everything is still possible in your life. You are on this Earth for a purpose and you need to fulfill it. Keep on keeping on and keep your head in the clouds. Don’t think it’s over, because it’s not.
    Your Friend/ Supporter,
    Kristina Robertson, 14

    クリスティーナ ロバートソン 14

  320. Dear Japan,

    I am very sorry for your loss and all the pain and grief it cost you. I just wanted to let you know that we are trying are hardest to help you and many more. When the earthquake happened I know you were scared and didn’t think you would make it. Then moments later you had to find out that a Tsunami was heading your way you were about to lose everything you worked for. I know that for some you have lost a family member, homes, and memories. Just know that you are the bravest people in the world today. You’ve been through so much and I just want you to know that you just have to lift up your head and your storm will soon be over, your rain will go away, and you can make it through this.

    Your Dear Friend,
    Morgan Snelling 14 yrs old.


    モルガンスネリング 14歳

  321. Dear student,
    I am so so sorry for you. I woke up one morning and I heard the devastating news on tv. I hope everyone you know is okay. But most of all I hope you are okay.





  322. Wishes and hope for all of you during such difficult times. Know that you are thought of and in our hearts and prayers.


  323. To the men, women, and children of Japan:

    The hearts and minds of those around the world are with you during this crucial time. You are amazing people with the ability to rise up and overcome this. Stay strong and remember to honor your loved ones now and forever.



    Julie from New York City, USA

  324. Dear student,

    I hope you are ok. By the way my name is Scott. I’ve heard what happened. Best wishes.


  325. Dear Japan,

    I’m truly sorry for what happen to you all. Stay strong and believe that things are going to get better. Don’t think about what you lost and think about what you will receive in the future. Whatever you do don’t think negative. I will be praying.


    Nicholas Fowler

    ニコラス フォウラー

  326. Dear Japan,
    There are no words that could ever explain the hurt that you guys are feeling I know, and I can’t even begin to imagine how you feel either. If there was something I could do for everyone I wouldn’t think twice about it I would just do it. Words of encouragement are what each and every one of you need. I don’t really know your beliefs but, the God I believe in ALWAYS make a way! Everyone in Japan will be in my prayers day and night. I am truly sorry that this disaster has affected your lives. But, I can guarantee that when this is all over better things are coming your way. I pray that your family is okay, you get back in school, and the lost family members are found. Stay strong for yourself and one another. When there’s a will there’s a way!
    Rayven Robinson 

    レイベン ロビンソン

  327. Dear Japan,

    I am sorry for the pain and grief that this disaster has caused you. The memories that were built are gone your home is destroyed and right know you feel that everything is over but I want to tell you that its not. I know my words aren’t that comforting but you should keep your head up everything be okay.

    Ulrika Hill 15 yrs old

    ウルリカヒル 15歳

  328. My heart goes out to all of the people affected by this disaster. Know that you are in our hearts.

  329. Dear Students,
    My friends and I pray for you everyday! Please continue to stay strong and I will keep crossing my fingers for both you and your beautiful country! Do not worry! Help is on the way♥
    With Love,

  330. Dear students in Japan,
    I am so sorry about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit your country. I would say that I feel your pain, but the truth is, I don’t. I don’t know how it feels like to lose a house, a school, friends, and family. What I do know, however, is that someday this tragedy will end, and that, with hope, you will push through. I have one thing that I want you all to do for us students in the US, and that is to laugh. Try as hard as you can to laugh, please, because if you do, it might help you get through this terrible time. As I said before, though, I don’t know your pain, so laughing might not help at all, but try anyway, because you don’t know if it works or not.
    Olivia Merritt
    Casa Esperanza Montessori
    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

  331. Dear Japan,

    Everyone is with you, we hope your ok. We know you are having a rough time, the world
    Is trying their best to help you. Please now that we are by your side.

    Thank you.

  332. Dear child in Japan,

    I am so sorry about the destruction that has come upon your city in the past couple of weeks. Please know that we are watching your city and trying to help in every way possible. I know that many of people over there are either lost, in pain or seeking help so we will help you in every way possible and will not stop until the job is done. I have not lost hope for you and I will not so you can’t loose hope either.

    Your friend from America Micah.

  333. Dear children in Japan

    I’m so sorry for you guys in Japan because I know u guys are going through a rough time having to find food and try to find shelter. But I really hope you guys find your mom and dad so you can be safe with them in shelter and have food. I don’t know what it feels like to have an earthquake and a tsunami come and destroy your house but I really hope it ever happens again by you or any where.

    God Bless
    From Thomas in America.

  334. Dear Japan:

    Me and all my friends feel very sorry about what happen to you and your family. At times in life it can get hard but you will always have a friend on your side. Right now you have millions of friends there to support you and what ever happens in life you will always get thought it as long as you have support. All of us are doing every thing we can to help. The most important thing is that you have shelter and food we are all so glad that you are safe

    Sincerely Katelynn

    P.S I will do as much as I can do to help even thought I do not know how you feel. I will try to put myself in your shows to know how you fell.

  335. Dear Japan,

    I am so sorry about what happened to you. I think you should know that when I hear what happened I cry and cry and cry because it is just so sad. I am watching TV everyday hoping you will get better. Just hang in there Japan and know I am thinking about what all the time. Don’t give up Japan.

    From Silvana in America

  336. Dear Japan,

    I hope you recover soon from the disasters. I also hope you rebuild from the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear power plant explosion. All over the U.S. we’re crossing our fingers for you to recover.
    Good luck!

  337. Dear Japan,
    I know you are going through a rough time right now but hang in there. Were with you were on your side I hope you are ok.

    Thank you

  338. Dear, children in Japan
    I hope that you are all okay. I hope you know we are trying to help you as much as we can. I hope that nothing to severe has happened to you or your family and that your house has not been part of the disaster. I have watched the news to see if you have maid any progress. I hope the radiation has not affected you and never will.

    Lots of hope, Josie
    P.S. Just keep hanging on and it will all be over soon and every thing will fine.

  339. To the students of Japan,
    I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re all going through in this terrible time. My heart goes out to you all. Don’t lose hope, and know that we’re all trying to help in any way we can. Know that we can get through this.

    Stay strong!<3

    NYC, USA

  340. Dear Japan,
    I hope you all are okay. And we are trying to do every thing we can to help. I have been watching the news and seeing what is going on there. I hope that nothing is really severe there. I hope you and your family are not injured really bad. I hope your house has not been part of the disaster. I hope you are now o.k. and we feel really sorry for you.

    Lots of hope, Alexa

  341. Dear Japan
    I heard what happened in your country and I am just so sorry. My teacher Mr. Murray is letting us see if you guys are ok. If you are not ok people are watching over you. We are trying to help you in all ways. .



  342. Dear People of Japan,

    I feel bad for you that you got hit by a Tsunami and an earthquake. And if I could I would send lots and lots of money and food so you can rebuild
    and not starve. I’m really mad that your house and roads and schools and all your buildings got destroyed. 

    By; Merrick

  343. Dear All in Japan,

    I hope you are alright, and that you will have shelter soon.
    People have been watching on the TV and making sure that you are o.k. even me. We are trying to help you as much as we can.
    When ever I see you on TV, I cry because I just can’t stand it I feel so sorry for you.

    Hope you get better,
    Eliza 

  344. Dear Japan

    I am sorry for all the bad things that happened to you. I feel bad for you and never give up on yourself. I hope it never happens to you again. Just reamer you’re just a shot away.

    Love Danny
    P.S I almost forgot, you guys are in my heart.

  345. Dear Japan,

    I’m so sorry for you because of what happened. I am very sorry for the things that may have happened to all of you and I hope everybody feels better soon or gets better soon. I have many hopes for all of you and I may not know what you’re going through but I know it’s probably tough. Feel better soon.



  346. Dear Japanese children,

    I know times are tough but, America is looking out for Y.O.U.!!! I know that you feel awful but everything is going too alright, I PROMISE! It’s heart breaking to hear that something this big happened, It’s afected the whole world so don’t worry your not alone.


    Isabella. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Hello students of Japan!
    Things are not okay now, but everyone is praying that they will be soon. All I hope for is recovery and good things for Japan. The US will keep praying, keep helping, keep on helping you however we can!

    With love,
    Emily T, US

  348. Dear Japan,

    Hello I heard about the big earthquake you guys got. It looked horrible. I bet it was scary. When you guys were in school what did you have to do? I would probably hide under a desk that’s for sure. Did your school get destroyed? Like all the houses and buildings well I hope you are ok who ever is reading this.

    P.S comment back and im sorry for all the things that happened to you.
    Sincerely, Emma

  349. Dear Japan
    In life things can get hard but you will get through it. That’s why my friends and I are writing to you and your friends, we all hope you and your friends and family are safe. Try to make the best of things. I hope all of you fell better soon.
    : )

  350. Japanese people have given all the rest of the world a very tough lesson. When disaster strikes the worst and best of humans will show, but all of you and your families have shown me and the world, that calamities can bring only GOOD. You are the first country that even facing the worst of the worst, still remain calm, still help each other, respect the laws and possesions of others, behave like role models. I feel the pride in every of your steps.

    Thank you all of you, thank you for proving that humans are good!

  351. Dear Japan,
    You are not alone. People all around the world are doing their best to help. And we hope your country will be back to normal soon. And we feel real bad about what happened.

  352. Dear Japan,

    I feel so bad about the earthquake and tsunami. I hope that I could come over there and help you rebuild all your buildings and if I could give you lots and lots of money. And food so you won’t starve.

    By, Luke

  353. Our kindergarten class in Michigan, U.S.A. thinks and hopes for better days ahead for you. Know that we care about you and your safety. It is our wish that you too will be back in school soon so you can keep learning!

  354. Dear Japan:

    Hi I live in America. I am so sorry for what happened to you. I live right in the middle of America so I will not have to worry about a earthquake and a tsunami. If I lived in Japan I would be as sad as you. We are all trying to help you guys. I would be scared if a 20 foot tsunami and an 8.9 earthquake hit me. Hang on we are coming Japan.

    From Andrew in America

  355. Dear Japanese children,
    I know that times are a bit tough there, but don’t worry I am there for Y.O.U!!!!!!! And I will always thank about you every day!


  356. dear children of Japan. the Netherlands is thinking on you all and we hope things will get better soon. even when things are though I always find them easier to face with a smile. you are always on my mind so be genki. watashi wa nihon daisuki desu!

  357. Hi guys! Please do NOT loose hope! I am only 11 years old, and my sicence class is just starting to learn about Earthquakes! Since I have never been in one (And hope NEVER to be in one!), I’m not really sure how bad it really is! But, I do know that if you are worried, do not loose hope or faith in yourself and ALL the other people around you. Because if you keep faith in everyone, things WILL get better! And it’s pretty obvious that we want that to happen!:)
    Things ARE going to bet better, I just know it!

  358. To the children and people of Japan,
    I am so sorry for your loss, and think of how hard it must be for you to live in these hard times, I wish you would not have to go through all of this.
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Ethan, United Kingdom, aged twelve.

    日本の子供そして人々に、 私はこれすべてによって行く必要がないことを懸命にこれらのつらい時に住むあなたのためいかにについてであるなるか従ってあなたの損失のために残念あり、私望む考える。 私はあなたの損失のためにとても残念である。 Ethan、老化するイギリス12。

  359. You must all be so afraid, The world is with you on this terrifying journey! We are holding you up in our hearts and minds. Put your arms around each other close your eyes and that extra warmth you feel is all of us Supporting you as well! Easier Said than done but Hang in there and One day soon this will all be a fantastic memory! I always tell my kids the most horrific things are what teach us how to be ourselves You have to go through the cloudy times to get to the sun! I’m sorry its such a disastrous time and we all wish we could be there by your sides helping you all and comforting you all. All our Love and best wishes from Alberta Canada

  360. Hi students,
    I am a teacher in the United States and my kindergarten students and I are sending lots of hugs to you. We are thinking of you and we will not forget you.
    Lots of love,
    Miss Holly and students

  361. konnichiwa~~
    gambatte ne!! everything will be ok, don’t worry!
    we are all praying for the people of japan! ❤

  362. Dear Japan,
    There are no words that will make things better right away. I want you to know that your not alone. There are plenty of ppl. and countries who are willing to help. My heart gose out to you,your families,and all the survivors of this terrible disaster. I lift you up in prayer that the ppl. in your country will be able to get the help they need,find their loved ones,and be able to get back to the lives that they had. Much Love, Mary United States

  363. I know that nothing can decrease your pain. But you should know that the hearts of Turks are with you. We pray for all of you.

  364. Though we do not know you, we love you, we are thinking of you, we are praying for you! You are strong and you will do wonderful things. “This to shall pass”

  365. To the future of the Japan:

    Your ancestors put a great effort to take Japan to this point. And you, present students of the Japan, will be the ones who are taking Japan to one step forward. In this hard time you need to believe in yourselves and never fail your hope. Ganbatte !

  366. Dear Japan ,

    We are all praying for your health, safety and the recovery of your country!
    It breaks my heart to hear about the missing people and the lost lives, but lets be strong, always remember that people are praying for you and everyone is doing their best to help.

    – Yara = )

  367. Dear people of Japan,

    We love you all and stand with you in spirit, everything will turn out great soon enough and your bravery will be praised – for you are an amazing people and a truly beautiful land. A bright treasure in our world.
    I’m happy to see how exemplary you are, we have so much to learn from you.
    I pray for you and wish you all the best, let’s meet soon!


  368. Dear Japan,

    I was much shocked when I heard about earthquake and tsunami in Northeastern Japan few days ago. I have friends too in Sendai and Kesenuma but luckily they’re safe. I am really sad to see how many lives were claimed and countless properties were destroyed. We love you and would always keep you in our prayers. May God deliver you during such a tribulation. We are praying for the fast recovery of your home and country. We really hope to see you’d be able to resume your studies as soon as possible. To all the students in Japan, let’s pray for your friends out there who were affected by the disaster. Your ancestors took a great step to take Japan to this point and you, are the one who will take Japan to the next level, higher than before. Therefore, do not give up ! Keep going, I believe you all could make through this hard time. Lastly, God bless Japan and its nation~

  369. Dear Japan,

    Ever since I was a little girl, whenever I felt sad or scared I would imagine the day that I could get on a plane and fly to Japan and my life would be colourful and exciting. I have long admired the Japanese people’s courage, strength and dignity. I broke down in tears when I heard what happened to the country I have loved from afar, a country that always provided me with hopes and dreams. But then I remembered that the Japanese are strong, and they are enduring this troubled time and if they can be strong, so can I. I have no doubt that Japan will rise from this tragedy stronger than ever. No matter how dark and troublesome it gets, please remember there are many like me who believe in you! So you must not lose hope in yourselves! Keep going! We support you! I support you! The rest of the world knows that if anyone can survive this sort of event, it is the Japanese! Millions of us are sending love, prayers and donations your way! Japan is strong! And one day soon I will be there too, and we can smile and be happy with trouble far behind us!

    Lots of love,
    Victoria C. from Canada<3

  370. Dear Students of Japan,

    We are praying for a speedy recovery in your country. We know how scary earthquakes are but don’t give into fear. As long as you have family with you, a world supporting you, and a loving God to protect you, you have nothing to fear. Out of disasters grows hope and love. Think of good things; Remember happy moments; Cherish silly memories. If you feel alone or scared, remember all the messages people have sent you for you are not alone. We love you. ^_^

    God Bless,

    Alejandra Sepulveda and Kliff Rebaya
    San Jose, California
    United States of America

  371. Every day and night, I pray that God will keep you and your loved ones safe. Please know that everyone around the world is with you and the people of Japan. We are all cheering and praying for a quick recovery. We are all praying for your safety and happiness. With love and prayers,

    Serenity Lee
    Chicago, IL (USA)

  372. Dear Japan,
    I’m terribly sorry for all the trouble that your country is going through right now. Everyone around the world is trying to help your country get back on track. I know this a hard time for you guys but things will get better and you should know that everybody is worried and thinking of you. We hope everything turns out okay and were doing the best we can to help you. Don’t give up hope every country around the world is thinking about you guys and cares about your country.

    From Everyone around the world.

  373. Dear Students of Japan,

    I hold you all deep in my heart. I know it may be scary and upsetting what is happening but I wish for all the strength in the world to everyone. Everyone in the world is concerned for Japan and is doing everything they can to help! I love every single one of you and I love your country. Please be strong. I am wishing the best of luck to you all and hoping everything gets well soon.

    Ayla Holthaus
    Oxford, Georgia United States

  374. Dear Students of Japan~

    I hope God takes good care of you and you guys are in good hands with God. I hope everybody in Japan can rebuild their homes and i hope all of you are all right and i hope a bad earthquake never comes again. And if you are sick you will get all better.

    Jackson J.
    -6 years old
    Indiana, United States

  375. You found me, I found you, I don’t know why, but I feel we are connected somehow. I want you to read this letter and get courage to become what you want to become in life. There are times like this in which all of us would want to forget about all our dreams in order to stay in the place where we were put by disaster, but it is in times like this when the brave has the chance to show his courage and the kind his kindness. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but as I said we are somehow connected and that is why I write you this letter.
    Times are hard, but think about this, if you are able to overcome the challenge, if you focus on your dreams and hopes, then there is nothing that may stop you from achieving your goals. You will be remembered not as the victim but as the hero because you were brave enough to overcome this challenge and moved on to the next step.

    Esteban Lopez
    London, Ontario, Canada.

  376. Brothers and sisters,

    I love you. The world loves you. Each and every one of you is in our hearts and souls. Be well, we are with you.


    Fukui-shi, Japan

  377. Dear Japan,

    I cannot even begin to express the amount of sadness and remorse I feel for your people. I know times are tough right now and it will take a long time before they will get better. Be strong, I have confidence that you will. You are one of the strongest nations that I know of and I truly hope and believe that this horrific event will only help you to grow stronger. Please keep in your hearts that although we may not understand what it must be like for you, we all want to do our very best in helping you. All of your love and support goes to you right now. We will do the very best we can to help. Personally my heart reaches out to each and every individual whose life has been affected by this traumatic event. And as so many others have already said, just keep your hope and faith right now. Although it may seem like the end and as though it won’t get better you must remember that it will. You will get through this. And if you need someone to help you stand again there is no shame or worry in asking for it. The world is by your side and more than willing to help you in any way you may need. We are already doing our best by sending our people to help with the rescue efforts as well as sending any money that we can. The road to recovery will be a long and hard one but you do not have to go at it alone. Please know that your story has touched the hearts of so many and we all send such support and love your way. You will always have someone who will be there for you.

    With all my love,
    Olivia Goguen from San Jose, California, USA

  378. Em nome de toda a comunidade virtual do dite gforum.tv venho por este meio dar as nossas maiores condolências a todos os familiares e amigos das vítimas desta terrível catástrofe sem precedentes.

    Neste momento todas as palavras são poucas para confortar todos aqueles que forma afectados, todos aqueles que estão sem casa, sem família, sem bens, ect.

    À distância que estamos às condições de vida que temos, não dá para ajudar mais, ficamos por umas palavras amigas, de muita força para o futuro que não se advinha muito fácil para todo o povo Japonês.

    Força Japão Portugal está contigo.

    Com os melhores cumprimentos
    Márcio Rodrigues

  379. Dear Japan,
    For every like i get on my page i’m donating a dollar to japan relief. Hope you guys are okay. We all pray for you guys.

  380. My family and I are praying for your safety and that of your family. Be strong, stay hopeful, and smile. There is always a new day.

    Lilly from Seattle, WA USA.

  381. To all the students of Japan,

    Don’t give up! I am praying for you! I love your country and your friends and family. You can make it through this but you have to try very hard! I hope everyone is safe, and I know that the ones who aren’t are in safe hands with God. Trust in Him and it will be alright. Continue your studies and never give up! I am a student just like you.

    Illinois, U.S.A.

  382. Dear Japan:
    For all Japan:
    I wish I could go there and volunteer and help as needed. But I also know that prayer is very powerful and that’s what I’m doing every day, do not lose hope, or faith, we are all with you , we have you all in our prayers, do not give up. Your country is called the country of the rising sun and just as the sun rises each morning to end the dark so do you will rise from the ashes. You are not alone Japan God will bless you all!!

    Para todo Japon:
    Como quisiera involucrarme más en ayudar a todos ustedes, como quisiera poder ir y andar de voluntaria y ayudarlos en lo que necesiten. Pero yo se que la oracion tambien es muy poderosa y eso es lo que estoy haciendo diariamente, no pierdan la ezperanza, ni la fe, todos estamos con ustedes para ayudarlos, los tenemos en nuestras oraciones, no se den por vencido ustedes son el pais del sol naciente y asi como el sol sale cada mañana para poner fin a la oscuridad asi ustedes se levantaran. Animo Japon no estan solos! Dios Bendiga Japon!!

  383. We believe you will live well!

  384. 日本の友達へ


  385. こんにちは! My name is Kat from California. I like the Japanese band Arashi, the anime Haibane Renmei, and mochi. I also love the Japanese language, and admire Japanese culture. In short, I love Japan. You guys have helped me through a very tough time in my life and I cannot thank you enough. Please know that you’re always in my prayers, that I’ll forever love you guys, and will come visit and help the first chance I get! You guys are the future of Japan, so be strong! Lots of love from California! がんばって!

  386. We are sorry and we believe that everything will be OK!
    We love Japan very much!

  387. Dear students,

    Please stay strong! It’s hard to be strong during a crisis such as this but you must keep moving forward and keep your hope alive even if it seems useless. You will recover but the journey may be difficult. Remember that those you have lost will be alive forever within your heart and that those around you are going through the same thing. It is during these times that we must band together to help one another to restore order and lives.

    Please be safe and please be strong! You are in my thoughts always!

    Alex Tanguay from Arizona, USA.

  388. To all of the students in Japan,
    Do not worry about anything,believe in God and know that the whole world is with U all and praying.
    I too pray for u all everyday.
    God Bless U all
    Loves to ALL

  389. I am native American. My people, as yours, feel death is a sad thing. However, I believe the people that died have gone to meet their ancestors. Surely they feel sadness at having to leave you behind but it is also a time of rejoicing and happiness. In this time of sadness for your loss think of the joy your loved one’s must feel. For they did not make the journey alone, they are with loving family. Times are sad yes, but keep the departed in your heart and mind and smile a little knowing that you will see them again someday.

  390. May everthing return to normal in Japan. We pray for all of you. May God Bless the country & save lives.

  391. 日本のみなさんへ、

  392. dear JAPAN:
    I LOVE YOU ❤

  393. Dear Japanese students,
    I´m always with you and I am always thinking of you. I hope you will be strong like after the second world war.
    I´m sure you´ll make it!
    You are a great country full of power. Everybody loves Japan and is thinking of you RIGHT NOW!

    With a lot of love and peace.


  394. Dear Japan,

    I want you to know that there are so many of us in the USA whose hearts are broken for what you are having to go through. Every day I watch the news hoping that each day gets better for you but I know that it is so hard. What I see on tv is a wonderful country who is struggling through so much turmoil and I see the Japanese people suffering and yet willing to help others even when you have lost so much. Japan is an inspiration to the rest of the world. You are very much in my prayers and thoughts everyday. I pray that you stay strong, find your loved ones ok, get the food, shelter and water that you need to survive and that the crisis of the nuclear plants gets resolved with no more radiation. I know that Japan will rebuild and come back even stronger then before. My admiration and My LOVE to everyone there. Sue

  395. Dear:Person
    I hope your ok.
    Be strong and rebuild what has been broken.

    From:Connor James Evans

  396. Hope you and your famliy is ok be safe from the erthquig.

  397. friend, YOU CAN COME TO MI.You will be SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. hope you all are safe and healthy.And your family is well.

  399. Dear friend
    I hope your ok.
    be strong.
    rebuild what has been destroyed.

    from garrett

  400. Dear friend hope you are safe! did part of your faamily die I hope you are OK for the week.

  401. Dear frind im sorry a bote yuor lost I hop you will be song

  402. Dear firend i hope you and your family is ok ,are school will try
    aer best! your firend:lynnanne lafave

  403. I’me sory that most people lost there lives.

  404. Hello kids!
    feel realy sorry about what happend there hope u feel better soon
    u probly can come over.

  405. hello kids!
    I am sending a knock-knock joke to you to cheer you up. letts do my faveorit my why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side!

  406. Dear Japanese Students,
    I am sorry for all the bad things happening to you and your country. I hope everything works out ok for all of you. We hear about new things going on in Japan here in America about every hour, and everytime I hear something new, it makes me want to help more. I am very impressed at how organized all of you are and how you practice once a year for situations just like this. Without all that practice, this situation would have been much worse. Everything will be fine very soon, I know it. There are people in America and all over the world ready to help and make everything better.

    With Love,
    Mike ❤ 🙂

  407. Dear japanese students, we all feel terrible about the horrific damage that the tsunami has done. I sincerely hope that everyone will pull through.

  408. Dear People of Japan,
    I hope for the best for everyone who this terrible disater has struck. My prays go out to all the familys affects by this terrible disaster, everyone in America has been following this terrible disater intently. I hope that things will soon return to a somewhat normal state for you. Best of luck.


  409. Dear Suffering Japanese Children,
    All is well in America. We all feel mighty sad for y’all. Earthquakes suck. Too bad for your nuclear reactors and the radiation. We are trying to send help Japan via organization like the Red Cross, but we are too afraid of the radiation. What’s most important is that you be happy. Have a Nice Day! Come Back soon!

  410. dear children of japan,
    the worst is over but the raod to recovery will be difficult.
    i would like you to know that i am praying for you, all of those who are still missing and their families.
    STAY STRONG and dont give up hope.

  411. Dear Japanese Students,
    This recent disaster has devasted you guys tremendously. Many people around the world know of the situation currently occuring in your country and how, many Japanese citizens are losing hope! We all want to do our part in helping you guys rebuild your country! I mean not only did this disaster impact Japan but also impacted many other countries around the world. I know you guys will be alright just have faith and not to lose hope!

    Channon 🙂

  412. I hope for the best for everyone who this terrible disater has struck. My prays go out to all the familys affects by this terrible disaster, everyone in America has been following this terrible disater intently. I hope that things will soon return to a somewhat normal state for you. Best of luck.

  413. Dear Japan,
    I was devestated when i heard about your recent disaster. Know that we are all praying for you. Nature made an idiotic choice. Japan is probably the best country in the world. Hopefully all of you stay strong. And hopefull my letter, like all the others, made an impact on you. We are all thinking about you and are trying to do our best to help. As a young child, this letter is probably the least I can do, but know that I will always find oppurtunities to help charities raise money for you. Don’t let this disaster affect you too much ,because all of you need to do your best to stay strong and face the future.
    From, Anderson Wang

  414. Hey japanese people. Sorry about what you guys are going through but if your stuck in a while and its at that hard part where your shovel wont dig anymore, you have to go up right? Well its a nice relation with this kind of stuff. Your phones, computers, and robots are all ten times better than ours so I’m sure your technology can get you guys out of this problem. The power plant thing is really the worst of your problems but if the radiation goes east no one gets hurt and most people are sure the power plants will get fixed. Best wishes to you people and children and others. My friend anderson is sending one of these behind me 😀

  415. Dear Students,
    You are the strongest kids ever! To survive two disasters – the earthquake and tsunami – is truly a feat of strength and bravery. I am sure you can do it! Help will always be there, from people in your country and out. Stay strong and be proud – you are amazing! The whole world hopes for your safety and well-being. 🙂
    Isis Marie
    (NJ, USA)

  416. Dear Japanese students,

    When a tragedy happens, it’s hard to know which way to go. But you have a unique chance as students to turn something bad into something good because you represent the future of your country. By rebuilding yourselves and the friends and family around you in love and strength, no matter what your circumstances you can create something that will be strong against any disaster, just like we know you are. Please know that friends around the world are hoping, praying, and thinking of you every day and do your best! Across the ocean in Seattle, with love and prayers, from Sabrina.

  417. Hi Japan (corrected by my Anderson). Get well, eat your vegitables, exercise regularly, and listen to your compandions like your friend to your right, not your left because there listenining to you right now. Bye

  418. Hello again people of Japan,
    I left somethings out of my last letter, not only do i wish you all the best and anyone who cannot find a fsmily memeber the best of luck. But to make you feel better, in situations like this in the past the whole world has come together in instances like Haiti, The World Trade Center attcks and The Oil Spill in The Gulf. And as a common people we have managed to fix these disaters to the best of our ability, and although scars still remain from all of these events they end up only making us a stronger and more united people. I fully belive that the same will stand for the disater that struck you. Over time and with a great movement from people aroung the wprld you will recover and will be back to the normal life im sure you all miss dearly. Although like everything the scars will still be there. I hope for the best possible outcome. Stay strong and dont lose hope because you never know what could happen 🙂

    My Kindest,
    Dean McDonald

  419. Dear Japan:
    My heart aches for the devastation that has plagued your beloved country. The Japanese are a strong and proud people, so I know you will prevail even stronger than before. This hardship will be overcome and your country will be bloom because of it. The universe tends to unfold as it should, so just stay brave and it will all be alright.
    Cheyenne Paydar

  420. Hi Japan (corrected by my Anderson). Get well, eat your vegitables, exercise regularly, and listen to your compandions like your friend to your right, not your left because there listenining to you right now. Bye and good luck.
    From Steven Yen of USA

  421. Dear children of Japan,
    I am very sorry for what happened to you guys, but I want you to know that countries all around the world are helping to try and make it better! Don’t lose hope and we love you!

  422. Dear brave children of Japan,
    This is a burden no child should have to bear. I cannot imagine how heavy your hearts must be right now. You must feel so very helpless, and at times, hopeless. Just remember, although your body may be small, your courage is huge. Sadly, many of you have lost family and friends-We can only tell you that every mother in the world holds a spot for you in their hearts. Mothers all over the world wake up and go to sleep with thoughts of you and prayers for your safety. Do not fear that the world will forget you, your parents and friends, or your country-the moms of the world will not let that happen, we promise. Stay safe, be brave and never lose hope!


  424. I am very sorry for what has happened to your nation. I hope all of you will be strong enough to bring your lives back to where they were. The whole world is with you.
    I wish you all to have long and happy life when your wunds heal.
    I’m sending love to you all from Belgrade, Serbia.

  425. To the Japanese;

    You have truly shown in the past week your kindness, your courage, and your heart. People around the world are not just talking about the destruction or the hardships we all know you’re experiencing, they are also talking about how you still help each other even when things are very hard, how you still try to do the right thing, and how brave you are.

    My children are half-Japanese. I wanted them to keep strong ties to Japan because of the strength of your culture, and they go back to Japan once a year. My oldest is organizing a fund drive in his school to help rebuild; it may not be much but we’re trying.

    Ganbatte kudasai,

  426. dear friends,
    this is the way in which some of us are able to give our support,letting you know that we all know and feel what you are going throgh.if only i could be there and give everybody back whatever you have lost.but unfotunately i can’t! thus i’m sending those words and hope that i took some of your pain away by only letting you know that there are people who care -among them me ,as well.
    michaela 18,greece

  427. To the children and families in Japan, please know we are thinking of you. Our Kindergarten and Grade 4 buddy classes have made colourful hope flags and hung them in our classrooms. The children also wanted to show their support for you and their thoughts are included in the following heartfelt messages

    I’m so sorry you had a earthquake in Japan. I hope Japan gets better soon.
    Hadley, Age 10

    Peace will always come during bad times.
    Sydney, Age 9

    Joy, joyous
    Ella, Age 5

    I love you.
    Tea, Age 5

    Hope is still with you. I stil beleave in you. Downt give up. I hope you will live in harmany. I will allwas be ther for you in yor hart.
    Justin, Age 10

    Nice, joy, love, joyous, share, care
    Selina, Age 6

    I feel very sad about what happened. I hope everything will be back to normal soon. I am sure it will. I give you lots of hope.
    Love Malika, Age 9

    Hope is still with you. Be strong! Don’t give up! You can make it through. Wish you the best!
    Tyler, Age 10

    I hope you feel better.
    From Rachel, Age 5

    Hope, share, joy, love, happy
    Addy, Age 6

    I’m sorry that you had a earthquake and tsunami. We are thinking about you. We’re trying to help, and we hope your country gets better. We hope that you will be happy soon. We know peace will come back.
    From Allison and Katrina, Ages 9 and 10

    Don’t give up. Have hope!
    Max, Age 10

    Dear Japan, I hope you still have peace, hope, joy and love, despite the unfortunate earthquake and tsunami that happened to you.
    Love Matthew, Age 9

    Happiness, joy, joyous, hope, love, care, share
    Austin, Age 5

    We know you are having trouble but peace and happiness will always come. We are very sorry and hope it will get better. We are thinking about you. I hope it gets better as soon as possible.
    Tess, Age 9

    Peace, care, hope, love, nice
    Finn, Age 5

    There is still hope, wishing you all the best. I hope there will be lots of peace through this time. Think happy thoughts and everything is going to be okay!
    Calais, Age 9

    I am thinking about you. I am sorry about what happened. I hope it gets better as soon as possible.
    Georgia, Age 9

    I am very sorry about everything that happened to you over the events. But you have to remember that peace always come around. You have to stand strong. Also remember evry one is your family.
    Harrison, Age 9

    Our hearts are with you!
    KCA and 4JK – WPGA, Vancouver

  428. Dear students,
    As another student, but in the U.S. I say you should not loose hope in your country. Just think someday every thing will be all right.

  429. Dear students,
    I am very sorry for your loss.We will constantly have you on our minds thinking about how we can help.But remember to stay strong and believe that everything will be okay.Everything will be fixed and we will help you. Stay strong
    Emily- Mount Baker Middle School

  430. I hope all of you in Japan are safe I just want to let you kids know we all care for you and we will do every thing to help you out .You are in our payers we will keep trying to help more as much as we can.

  431. Dear children!
    My name is Corinna, I’m from Berlin, Germany. Our son Carlos is 9 years old, my husband Walter is from Uruguay. We want to hug you and comfort you.
    Sometimes awful things happen in life. But they can be overcome and they will be overcome. Everywhere in the world, the people admire your courage and feel very much with you.
    Best of luck and much love and may the force be with you!!!

  432. Dear students in Japan,
    I am so sorry to hear about this devastation that has hit your country. But you should know the rest of the world is hearing about this and they are trying to help as much as possible. I have heard about what is happening everyday in each class at school. So you should know everyone is supporting and helping you. You will get through this if u think about the positive.

  433. Dear Japan,
    I just want to say that I understand what you are going through and understand that you may have lost family members and beloved ones and that you may think that it is not going to get better but think of the people that survived such as yourself.We all need to pull together and work hard to clean up, and pull your lives back together.I just want you all to know that we care and are worried about you all.And my family and our church is praying for you and your full recovery!stay strong and god bless!!!!

  434. We all know about the Tragety, Our World is trying very hard to help you guys, we want to let you know that your in our thoughts everyone is trying their best always remember that your in our thoughts and don’t worry everything is gonna get better soon. We all are trying to help out and raise money,send things out there

  435. Dear Student of Japan,

    I hope you all know that we are thinking about you. Help is on the way, so don’t lose hope! 90 nations are sending troops, donation, supplies and more. We care about you and we will always have your backs! Just hold on because lots of people care and your not alone. Help isn’t far so hold on!

  436. Dear students of Japan,

    I’m so sorry for what happened. I hope you all know that we are thinking about you. We are trying to help as much as we can and we hope you are safe. We care about you and wish you the best. We all care.
    Love always,
    Your neighboring nation

  437. Dear students, It is a catastrophe what just happen for all of you .I give all my hope so all of you can be stronger and keep your lives going .Remember there will be a better tomorrow never lose your faint and all the countries are here to help you.

  438. Dear student,
    It was devastating to see your country be damaged. I want you to know that you’re not alone. The U.S. and 90 other nations are helping you out. We are trying our best and we won’t stop until your country is safe for you and others. We care about you!! We are praying and helping as much as we can. Hang in there. I hope that this letter puts a BIG smile on your face.
    Love Tay

  439. Dear Students,
    Due to all to all the devastation that has happened to you, we want you to know that we send all our love to you in luck. We know it isn’t much, but we hope that this message will spread a smile onto your beautiful faces. Remember that we, the world, are always here for you. Through thick and thin we will always be by your side.
    With all our love,

  440. Dear Students,
    Your life might feel empty,sad,and like you have nothing. It might be true but you guys have America. We are going to do every possible thing to help you guys get out of your misery. I am so sorry, If you might have lost your loved ones. America is as sad as you guys. To all of you students Saty Strong, Because Help Is on the Way.

    P.s We as America love you and will take care of you Every Step Of the way.

  441. Dear Japan
    I heard about the earthquake. I hope you are all O.K. You are not alone. Our school is worried about you. Tell us how we can help and we’ll try to help.
    p.s. don’t lose hope
    Están en nuestros corazones (you are in our hearts).

    Grade 2 Spanish Class

  442. Dear Citezens of Japan,
    I hope you know that we all love and cherish Japan. Japan will be fixed.
    From Finnley

  443. Dear Earthquake Survivors,
    I am sorry about the earthquake. I hope you are all okay. We’re thinking about you. You are not alone.

  444. Dear Japan,
    I am sorry about the earthquake. Let us know how we can help. You are not alone.
    Están en nuestros corazones (you are in our hearts).
    Grade 2 Spanish class

  445. Dear Japan,
    I am sorry about the earthquake. Let us know how we can help. Call us and we will send anything over. We are all concerned. Tell us what you need and we will send anything.
    Están en nuestros corazones (you are in our hearts).

    Grade 2 Spanish Class

  446. Dear students of Japan,

    I know that the earthquake and tsunami were devastating. But never lose hope! Everything is going to be okay~ I wish you all luck. Never stop, just keep on going okay? 🙂

    From Daly City, California United States

  447. Dear Japan,

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I’m a student to and I would be devastated if this happened in America. You guys are really strong and my heart goes out to you.I pray that your country has a speedy recovery and America has your back. I’ll pray every night until things get better.


  448. Dear students of Japan,

    The disaster that has struck is horrifying, but please remember, you all are in our prayers everyday. You have been very brave so far…continue being like that. Your country is going to be better very soon. Don’t ever lose hope. Love from all over the world is pouring out for you.

    Take care

    love and prayers,
    Shweta, India

  449. Hello,

    I am a kid’s meditation teacher in California. Yesterday, my class met and the kids were thinking about children in Japan and really wanted to send messages to the school children. Here they are:

    Hi, I’m Makena. By the time you read this I will be 10. I hope you are okay and your friends and family too. I’m sorry that Japan is facing this crisis but I hope everything’s okay now with you.

    Hi, this is Maggie – I’m very sorry about the earthquake and I hope you are okay

    Miles: I’m sorry if anything happened to you. I hope you find a treasure to guide you through this time.

    Hi, my name is Eva and I’m 9. I have a friend who lives in Japan who’s name is Misaki. She’s okay and I’m glad that you are all too!

    Ben: I hope there is a treasure in all of this.

    We open our arms and give you hugs from across the ocean. You are loved! We are thinking about you.

    Love, Inner Discovery Class, RIver School Petaluma, California

  450. Dear Children of Japan,

    I can’t believe that this actually happened to you. It must be very devastating, but I hope you and your family members are all okay and that you recover from this soon! Don’t worry, it will be okay.

  451. Dear Students of Japan:

    The disaster of the Tsunami has grabbed the attention of the entire world, and people everywhere are watching, and doing everything to help you all. You must all stay strong and brave in this time, as we all send hopes that things will get better. Things will get better.

  452. Ya Allah, may the Japanese recover from this horrible disaster. I pray to Allah that you may all finally be safe. Please don’t lose hope and pray. Pray to God. Don’t be disheartened. Life’s like that. There will be disasters and there will be hope.

  453. Dear Students in Japan, I am in seventh grade, and I am writing to you from North Carolina in the USA. I hope that everyone is doing OK. I know life after the earthquake and tsunami must be hard. I am very thankful for those that survived. I never thought that what they said on the news would be this terrible. I hope that everyone is keeping warm and those who lost loved ones will be cured from their sadness.

    I wish for everyone to stay safe.



  454. Dear Students in Japan, I hope to pass this most difficult ordeal safely as possible .. even outlast and become the new Japan as in the past, the most powerful country in the world. I am Egyptian but I love Japan. And I hope students from Japan to work hard to pass this stage quickly, since they are now makers of the future and the country as well .. Our hearts with you

    name<< aya
    from<< egypt

    arab with u

  455. I hope to pass this most difficult ordeal safely as possible .. even outlast and become the new Japan as in the past, the most powerful country in the world. I am Egyptian but I love Japan. And I hope students from Japan to work hard to pass this stage quickly, since they are now makers of the future and the country as well .. Our hearts with you

    name << aya

    from<< egypt

    Arabs with you

  456. Dear sweethearts,

    You know, all of you went through something different. Do you know why ? Different things happen to those who are special. It’s because you all are so special and God wants to put your strength and ability and also your specialness to a test ! It’s like a monthly test, just this time it’s so different .. So different that those with extra specialness are brought back to God’s wings ! They scored over excellent marks, so God wants them back so that they can be happy always. They may include your parents, siblings, family, teachers and friends !

    As for those who stay after this tremendous test, you’re good too, doing very good indeed, it’s just that God thinks that you should stay here and proof to God that how good you all can still be ! All of you who stay and survived this test, you have to be really strong, stronger and better ! Stand back up too ! And do your best with what God has given you after the “test” ! Because one day, God will be satisfied with your “achievement” and bring you back to him to be with those you’ve lost during this test. Because you’re all his little angels.. but that day will be so far away, you all have to behave well from now on ! Be safe. Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be happy, little angels ! YOu can do it !!! Gambate !!!!!!!

  457. Dear child,

    Don’t give up hope! People all over the world are praying for you and for your saftey! Keep doing what you can to have good days of happiness, because everything will be better in the end. I know things will get better. Keep living strongly and you’ll get through all of this!

    A friend ❤

  458. Dear Children,
    We love you so much. We know that you have lost much. We are very sorry. We hope that are safe and warm and that you have food and clean water. We love you very much and are sending you lots of love through the sky. Your courage and determination is teaching the whole world to be brave and strong. You are our heroes and we will always be proud of you and remember you foreverr. You are in our hearts, our dreams and prayers. With love, Amy, Durham, North Carolina, United States of America

  459. Dear, Japan

    I’m so sorry about what happend to your home. I have been saveing up money to buy a laptop i am going to donate a large amount of that money to japan i hope it helps. My prayers are with you all!


    Lillian .J.


    私はについてあなたの家がどうなるかとても残念である。 私は私が助ける日本I希望に多量のそのお金を寄付しようと思っているラップトップを買うためにずっとお金を貯めている。 私の祈りはあなたとすべての愛


  460. Dear students, I know the disaster was very scary, but know that all of us in the USA are thinking of you with kindness and love in our hearts. Good luck as you go through the changes that come with such a big event.

  461. To all the students in Japan,

    I really wish I knew a way to help you all, or could somehow be there to help. I can’t possibly imagine all the pain and suffering you are all going through right now. Maybe it is easy for me to say this because I am not there, but I have hope in humanity and I have hope in your country that this obstacle can be overcome. Please know that there are people that care about you. We may think that things like gender, class, or nationality separate us, but in the end we are all humans. This isn’t just a tragedy that only inflicts one group of people, but for the whole human condition. I extend my hand from across the globe to say that I care and to stay strong.

    Yours sincerely,
    Shirley Chan
    Age 19
    Baltimore, United States

  462. My fellow students of Japan,

    You are from a country which has won the admiration of the world with your astonishing progress. You have been the inspiration for developing countries such as mine. Your industrious nature has already helped you stand strong even in the face of so many crisis that you have been unfortunately thrown into. This one though a lot more severe is not any different. Though the future might look bleak, I urge you to have confidence. Just look at the numerous incidents from the history of your great country and draw inspiration from it. You can be instrumental in helping your country overcome this disaster and stand strong as always. All you have to do is stay confident. Do not lose hope because help will always be available in ways you don’t expect.

    You are the hope of your country which is the hope of the world. So be strong. And remember, people from across the world stand behind you.

  463. Dear Friends, Families, Students, and Children of Japan,

    My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your country. Please know that we are all here for you and we are trying to do everything that we can to help.

    All of you have a great spirit and are filled with kindness.

    Please never forget that.

    From America with a lot of love and sending you 1000 hugs,


  464. Hello.
    I am an English teacher in New Caledonia and together with my class, we have written letters to the children who have been pulled from everything they’ve ever known into living in shelters. Unfortunately, I can’t type 25 messages on here so on behalf of my students and I, I just want to let you all know how much I admire your strength as a people. You’ve pulled through a three-fold disaster of epic proportions and still the people are working as hard as ever, you are all still as dedicated as ever.

    You’ve kept structure and order where any other country would have fallen victim to looting and violent crime. I remember in Haiti the people took the earthquake as an excuse to wreak havoc.

    Your calm and your enduring spirit is an inspiration to us all. You are in my prayers and constantly in my thoughts.

    God bless Japan

  465. Dear fellow friends in Japan,
    I was saddened to the calamity that befall the Northeastern part of your country, causing many students loosing their love ones. I could sense your sorrow although we are thousands of miles away and hope that you could persevere in going through this crucial time.

    Just wanted to let you know that Singaporeans are always with you, supporting you from the back in providing aid that you need.

    I strongly believe that Japanese citizens are very strong in every aspects to overcome today’s hurdle and would build a mighty Japan once again. Lastly, May God bless Japan with safety and wish everyone in very good health.

    Best regards,
    from Singapore
    Art students of Naval Base Secondary School

  466. dear students of japan ,
    im truly sorry about what happend . i want you all to know students , adults and others all over thae world are trying to help. i hope you all are ok !! im paryn for you all. i cry for you all. we love you . i ❤ u. email me anytime .

  467. im trying to help u . i love you alll i hope your safe . god loves you to . email me and ill be sure to write you back

  468. Dear Japanese Students,
    The world is deeply saddened and shocked with what happened to Japan. The fear, the grief, anxiety ,stress and anguish that you have experienced is unimaginable. As of this time, your studies may have come into halt, for the time being. But , NEVER LOSE HOPE & FAITH. Have the strength,courage, will power to continue on pursuing your dreams. In every adversity, comes great things, just continue on dreaming, hoping and working on your goals. You are the future of your nation, and of the world- so everyone is counting on you. Be safe, and pray always. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.



  469. Dear kids,

    I am sorry that you lost your home. I will keep you in my heart!!!!!!

    Love, Meghan, Palo Alto, CA, USA

  470. Dear kids,

    I will keep you in my heart!!!!!!

    Love, Meghan, Palo Alto, CA, USA

  471. I was saddened to the calamity that befall the Northeastern part of your country, causing many students loosing their love ones. I could sense your sorrow although we are thousands of miles away and hope that you could persevere in going through this crucial time.

    Just wanted to let you know that Singaporeans are always with you, supporting you from the back in providing aid that you need.

    I strongly believe that Japanese citizens are very strong in every aspects to overcome today’s hurdle and would build a mighty Japan once again. Lastly, May God bless Japan with safety and wish everyone in very good health.

  472. You are all so brave and I admire your courage in such a large disaster. Keep smiling as you are constantly in our thoughts.
    Love and support from England.

  473. Dear the people of japan, i just wanted to say that we are careing for you in the United States and our church will be donating money to help with the situation.Your friend Hannah

    Dear Japan,
    I am terribly sorry about the tragic disaster in your country, I wish you the best of peace and we will donate money to help y’all. God bless you and everything that you do!!! Love, your friend the other Hannah = )

  474. dear reader,
    we feal sorry for you in japan.we wish you good luck.help is on the way…

    your friend,

  475. Dear students of Japan,
    My heart goes out to you in your time of need. You are in my prayers and just remeber the world is here for you. Never give up and keep your heads up and try to smile. God bless you and your country.
    Charleston, SC USA

  476. Dear Japan,

    We are all praying for your safety. I hope you will recover as soon as you can.I wish you good luck in the future.

    With lots of love, Piroska
    from Kenderes, Hungary, Europe

  477. dear students:

    you are the future of japan

    so , Gambattie
    we all with you

    from a muslim girl .

  478. dear students:

    you are the future of japan

    so , Gambattie
    we all with you

    from a muslim girl .

  479. Dear Students of Japan,

    I was shocked when I first heard about this. I do hope you all are doing alright and that your friends and family are safe.

    Everyone from all around the world is doing their best to help out, even myself. It may take some time for things to get on track again, but don’t never think that it’ll get worse.

    Were all the same. Almost everyone from different countries knows how it feels when a close friend or family member gets killed or to lose their homes.

    We will never abandon the people who we care and love. Remember that. ❤

  480. Dear Japanese Children,

    I am horrified at what happened. I hope you are o.k.

    your new friend,

  481. dear Japanese children,

    ihope you were o.k. during the earthquake. from your new friend kellen.

  482. dear Japanese children,

    i hope you were o.k. during the earthquake. i will try to help you
    from your new friend,

  483. Dear children,

    My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine what you are going through but I know that God has not forgotten about you. He is still on His throne and working out this tragedy for your good somehow. Ask God for courage and strength to continue to focus on the good things and not the tragedy. Many friends and family and new love relationships will come to you just hold on. Please talk about your feelings to get you through this do not shut down. When things settle you will be able to help others relate to what they have been through by your strength and caring. Jesus said, “let the children come.” He loves the children and He is with you wherever you are. He will give you peace, comfort, love, mercy just run into His arms and He will hold you tight each night and give you good rest in His loving arms. You have lost but you have not lost everything! Know that many are praying and loving you from around the world! If I could I would hold each one of you and love you as my own child, sing to you and hold your hand to reassure you that things will be better soon. ~with all my love-Lucy, California

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