Send a message to emergency workers in Japan 日本で救援活動をする方々へ応援メッセージ

In Japan Disaster on March 11, 2011 at 9:50 pm

A day after the disaster, Japan has mobilised thousands of troops, 300 planes and 40 ships for the relief effort.  More domestic and foreign emergency workers could find themselves in the front line of this disaster in the coming days and weeks of immediate relief and possibly months and years of reconstruction and resettlement.  As a highly-developed major economy, Japan may not need much aid in the form of money or equipment (although those will help).  What can you do?  Send a message to support and encouragement in English and Hope Letters will translate it into Japanese.

Hope Letters will find ways to deliver the messages to local police, firefighters, paramedics, hospitals and other emergency workers.  The messages may be posted electronically if that is available, placed as a hardcopy journal or broadcasted via local news agencies.

Click on the Comment link below to submit your message and be sure to indicate your name and city or nationality.

  1. Your bravery and good-heart is a shinning light in this dim situation. Gambatte to all…rescuers, and victims..my support is with all of you.

    被災者の方々、レスキュー隊の方々や救援ボランティアの方々、あなた達の勇気と温かい心は、この暗闇を照らして希望をあたえています。皆さん Ganbatte! 私達はあなた達のそばにいます。

  2. Thank you very much emergency workers from many different countries, you are truly heroes. we are so helpless as we watch this disaster on our tv sets, and so with a grateful heart, i thank you very much. Please take care and may God be with you.
    Odaijinishite. Gambatte. Domo Arigato gozaimasu.

    Odaijini. Ganbatte! Domo Arigato gozaimasu.

  3. Thank you for helping people there when I can’t. Be happy that you can help them and do everything you can, but please take care of yourselves too.

    You are our heroes, as we can only watch the news and hope and pray. You have a chance to do something and that’s amazing. Keep up the good work and make us proud, even more than we already are.



  4. Thank you very much emergency workers! There’s no enough gratitude in the world to thank you all. Stay strong, Japan. Please never stop hoping the best. After a hurricane always comes a rainbow, later or earlier. I pray for Japan, children, parents, teacher, rescue teams, workers and all the people affected by this tragedy. Know all the people around the world are supporting you. Best wishes from a Peruvian girl.


  5. Thank you all so much. If all the gratitude in the world could be wrapped up in a blanket and shipped to you all right now, it STILL wouldn’t be enough. Thank you for staking your own lives for others, and showing what true heroism is. After a tragedy it’s nice to know that people are still so willing to help their nation when it needs it most. May strength be with you all!


  6. I can only hope that you can feel the enormous amounts of gratefulness, admiration and encouragment that I, as well as everyone else that can’t do more, are sending to you. YOU are the sign of hope that these people see, YOU are the prayer that they are waiting to have answered, YOU are angels on earth…Thank You.


  7. Thank you so much for everything that you are all doing out there. There are many of us who wish to be there to help in devastating times like this, so please remember that you are the true strength behind our prayers. We may not be able to put names with the faces we see on television who are courageously working out there day and night, but know that as the world watches every single one of you, we give so much thanks and praise. God bless you all for all your hard work!


  8. You have a terrible job! Please accept my thanks (and that of all the Canadians I know) that you are helping out.


  9. Your tireless hours of work are seen, heard, and appreciated by millions. Thank you for using your knowledge, skills, and experience to help make the recovery efforts as smooth as possible. Many Blessings!


  10. To workers of Japan: Yes your work it’s rough, yet you bring a new opportunity of life to people. For me, you’re the entire hope of Japan. Thank you for your hard work in the worst situation possible.

    I truly admire you beyond words, so a thousand times thousand “thank you so much”. Keep struggling, have faith and guard the Japanese for us. With all my admiration and prayers for your safety: a mexican student.





  11. Canada is watching as the world is, we are with you through this horrible time, your nation is strong, your people are strong, you will overcome this …our thoughts are with you…and we will be there for you


  12. Thank you to all the emergency workers in Japan. The whole world is with you and you have our support and prayers. What you guys are doing is amazing and admirable. You truly make a difference in people’s lives.

    – c_vandoorn, Los Angeles


    – c_vandoorn, ロサンゼルス

  13. God bless you for all the good work you are doing. Keep up your good work. Wish I were there in person to do aid work too. My prayers and well wishes are always with you. Thank you


  14. Blessings to all in Japan who are caring for the hurting during this time of national disaster. We pray for your strength, health and safety and will do what we can to support you from afar. You are not alone in your work, but you are the heroes. Thank you.


  15. Thank you for showing us the best that humanity can be.


  16. To the emergency workers…The world is watching and our hearts go out to you all at this terrible time for your country. You are the peoples shining light in the midst of all this. Stay strong and know that the whole world is praying for you and your countries recovery. God Bless.


  17. To the emergency workers..We can only begin to imagine what you are going through as you work so bravely through this terrible tragedy. Please know that the world is behind you and will support you in this time of need. Keep up the good work and God be with you. Trudy, Canada

    救助・復旧活動をされている皆さんへ…皆さんがとても勇敢にこのひどい悲劇の中で働いていらっしゃる間、どんな思いをされているのか、想像する事しかできません。世界が皆さんについていて、この緊急時にあなた方を支える気でいることを忘れないでください。素晴らしい仕事をお続けください。神が皆さんと共にありますように。Trudy, カナダ

  18. Please stay strong in body and mind as you help the people in your devastated country – We are unable to grasp the depths of destruction and despair you must feel – images on television barely tell the story of the devastation. We are mindful that you all have families yourselves, yet you are able to give of yourselves to your fellow countrymen. We pray for you – each rescue worker, those who come from afar to assist, the animals who aide you in your searches, and for all the people of Japan that they be given the strength to struggle through this disaster. Connie Paoletti, Cheektowaga,New York, USA

    大変な被害を受けたあなた方の国の人々を助けるにあたって、どうか心身共に強くあってください。どれだけ深い打撃と絶望を感じていらっしゃるか、私達には計り知る事もできません。テレビの映像が惨状をかろうじて物語るのみです。あなた方にも家族があるのに、それでも同国の人々のために身を捧げていらっしゃるという事を心に留めています。救助員の方々、手助けするために遠くからやってきた人々、捜索の手助けをしている動物達、そして日本の全ての人たちそれぞれ一人一人のために、この災害を闘い抜ける力が授けられるよう祈ります。Connie Paoletti, Cheektowaga,New York, USA

  19. Hello. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all people who are helping those in Japan due to the recent disasters. Please take care of yourselves too so you can be of more help to others. You are doing an important and special thing. I believe that there are only two things that God would like us to do and that is to “Love Him” and “Do Good” by helping others. I am sending “light and love and healing energy” as well. I believe that we are eternal spirits living a human life here on earth to learn. Therefore we really are okay even in disasters, and even if we don’t understand everything here on earth…one day we will. I believe that all those who love God go Home/the Other Side/Heaven to God and that we all will be reunitied. I hope that my faith helps you as well. I imagine it is extremely difficult to believe this when faced with the devestation that you encounter, please keep the faith, be strong and take things one step at a time. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all. BIG, tight, longgggggg hugs, me Julie W., in Wisconsin, U.S.

  20. Hello. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all people who are helping those in Japan due to the recent disasters. Please take care of yourselves too so you can be of more help to others. You are doing an important and special thing. I believe that there are only two things that God would like us to do and that is to “Love Him” and “Do Good” by helping others. I am sending “light and love and healing energy” as well. I believe that we are eternal spirits living a human life here on earth to learn. Therefore we really are okay even in disasters, and even if we don’t understand everything here on earth…one day we will. I believe that all those who love God go Home/the Other Side/Heaven to God and that we all will be reunitied. I hope that my faith helps you as well. I imagine it is extremely difficult to believe this when faced with the devestation that you encounter, please keep the faith, be strong and take things one step at a time. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all. BIG, tight, longgggggg hugs, me Julie W., in Wisconsin, U.S.

    こんにちは。今回の災害において、日本の人々を助けてくれている全ての人達に、とても大きな「ありがとう」。更なる助けになれるよう、どうかご自分達のお体にも気をつけて下さい。あなた方のしている事は、重要で特別な事なのです。神様が私達に望んでいる事は、「神を愛する事」、そして他人を助ける事によって「善行を積む事」の二つに尽きると思います。私からあなた方に「光と愛と癒しの力」を送っています。私は人間とは学ぶために地上で人間としての生を生きている、永遠の魂だと信じています。それゆえに、災害のさなかにあっても、また地上の全ての事は理解できないとしても、それでよいのです。いつかは理解する事でしょう。私は、神を愛する全ての者は、神の待つ「家に帰る」、または「向こう側に行く」「天国に行く」、そしてそこで皆とまためぐり合うと信じています。私の信仰があなた方を助けるように願っています。このような事を、あなた方がいま直面している打撃を前に信じるのはとても難しいと思いますが、どうか信念を持ち、踏ん張って、一歩一歩進んで行って下さい。あなた方のことを考え、祈っています。あなた方皆を愛しています。大きな、しっかりとした、長い長い抱擁を送ります。 Julie W., in Wisconsin, U.S.


  22. We all know what are you doing ..
    and we know u r doing your best ..
    and we all here ask the god to be all fine ..
    plz Dont despair and dont give up ..
    With all my Love ..


  23. i’m thankful for you emergency workers there is no way to help you so i just send that words..you are like heroes who protect people may those people die if you don’t help them please keep working hard for those people we send all of love and support from egypt to you keep being a heroes..


  24. Asalam alikum..I am Amoool from Saudi Arabia..
    Japan always give me Hope..& i always believe that my home is where my heart is .. & it’s in Japan..
    we all here in saudi know wht u r facing now& praying for u to have all strength ..so never give up ..
    u r our Hope ,,,our bright future ,,
    wish u all good & everything to be better than before ..
    God with u 🙂

    何もかも上手くいき、全てが前より良くなるよう願います…神様があなた達と共にありますように 🙂

  25. I send my deepest support for your efforts in this crisis and my hope that you will remain safe while you work to save a life or to bring comfort to those in need.


  26. Thank you for helping rescue people in need. Thank you for being strong and courageous. Japan is my second home and I’m devastated to see the destruction that has happened. Japan is a strong, amazing beautiful country and with all of your help, it will seem that way to you again too. I’m thankful that you are all there, helping, and have not left the people still in need. The people of Japan are in my prayers!


  27. Dear friends, thank you for leaving your work, your family, your friends, maybe your country, to help. I’m a Japanese descendant, born and raised in Brazil, and you help is deeply appreciated.

    Thank you for your heart, your courage, your strength and your love.

    Raquel / Hoshinosan.


  28. What you guys are doing is the greatest deed one can offer, Charity. May god bless you all and watch over you. Im so glad that you guys are doing so much to help out and I wish I could be there too.Im very thankful that you guys are there and helping, you have my greatest support. Thank you everyone, my simple words cannot express my gratefulness towards you guys and your actions.

    義援活動をされているみなさんの お仕事はとてもすばらしいことだと思います。神の御加護がみなさんにありますように。支援活動をしているみなさんの助けを聞きとても嬉しく思い、また私もその一人となりたい気分でいっぱいです。あなたたちがそこで救援活動をしている事に感謝するとともに、私もその活動をサポートます。みなさん、ありがとう。私のつたない言葉では、あなたたち、そしてあなたたちの活動に対する感謝の念を表しきれません。

  29. My heart and my love goes to you all. I am thinking and praying for you to keep you safe and to give you the strength to carry on your good work. May GOD be with you all keeping you safe. Great thanks from me. Angela


  30. Your strength and courage in the face of disaster is inspiring and incredible. Thank you so much for putting your life on the line to help those that have lost everything in the face of this natural disaster. I will continue to pray for all of the people of Japan and hope that God continues to give you all the strength to carry on. God Bless you.

    Lots of love,


  31. You who read this,

    Thank you for your great effort and thank you for your willingness to put others before you. I pray that the Lord will continue to give you strength even when you are weary and tired and that He will give you a heart of compassion to those whom you are helping.

    Do know that you are in my prayer.

    With many love and blessings,
    Sue from Malaysia


  32. Dear All Volunteers and Workers,
    Thank you for your support, time, kind, patient, courage, strength and guts. Without you all Japan really don’t know what will be. Please don’t give up. You all are the BEST!!! Thanks


  33. Thank you to all of the emergency workers in Japan. My prayers are with you.

  34. Thank you to all emergency workers from Japan and all over the world. Your effort and support is an inspiration. You are all heroes. My prayers are with you, and please be safe.

  35. I am very impressed and encouraged to see your bravery, strength and discipline as well of all the Japanese people. The world has much to learn from you. I know that you will stay strong and come out of these very difficult times. You will all be there in my prayers everyday and in the prayers of my mother and father, who also send their love, warmth and blessing.

  36. Your heroism strengthens and inspires all of us. Please know that you have many friends and neighbors across the whole world who care and are trying to help out in many small ways. Please take care, and I wish you the strength to persevere.

    Atlanta, Georgia, USA


    アトランタ ジョージア州 アメリカ

  37. Dear Volunteers,

    Please stay strong and never give up hope, no matter how long, tiring or depressing the journey is. Thank you for doing what you do when all around you lies devastation and despair. Keep the faith and keep on going, because one day, you and Japan will stand up once again, a country united in strength and courage.


  38. To the emergency workers of Japan,
    You have shown the world the true meaning of ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’. Godspeed. Ganbatte kudasai.



  39. May all of you have the strength and courage to keep up the hard work. Never give up hope, I hope you see miracles happen in this dark time. Putting others before yourself is the greatest act a person can do, you are all heroes! I am praying for you and a swift recovery for Japan. Please know that you have many friends in America and that America stands with the people of Japan. I hope to be able to visit your beautiful country soon. You are an inspiration to us all.


  40. May today be a better day than yesterday.
    May you be surrounded by love and support as you do the most difficult of work.
    May you not give in to despair.
    May you know that you are in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our prayers.
    May today be a better day than yesterday.
    May you remain safe and free from fear.

    安全で 恐怖から逃れられますように

  41. As I’ve been sitting here, watching the horrific devastation unfolding over the last several days, one feels quite hopeless, distraught and unsure how best to help aside from financially. You are in my thoughts and I send my heartfelt best wishes to all of you in the midst of the destruction. May there be moments of hope amongst the ruins and times when you and the community can come together and recognize what you are doing is most brave and selfless. Much admiration and supportive thoughts to you all.

  42. I want to thank EVERYONE in Japan who is working hard, helping people, and doing their best! All of you are inspiring. You are very strong people, and I admire that strength.

    I want to also thank all of the people working so hard to stabilize the nuclear reactors at the TEPCO energy plants. I know that you are all risking your lives and health, to keep your whole country safe. You are heroes. I hope someone can tell you this soon. I want you to feel encouraged that many people, from many countries, appreciate the dangerous work you are all doing. Don’t give up! We are praying for you all.


  43. To all who are involved in the massive recovery effort, my family sends wishes and prayers to your families at this extreamly difficult time. We watch the news daily and our hearts go out to you all. We here in Nova Scotia Canada know that you can pull together and get through this difficult time. God bless all.

    Our blended family,
    Doug and Cheyanne



  44. Being a relief worker is truly a brave sacrifice. As I put my own child to bed tonight I think of those who would help if we were in similar circumstances, and know how grateful we would be. Some of you may even have to think of the needs of other families before your own – a choice I cannot even begin to imagine. Be brave, be strong and know how important your job is.


    Gayle Stoodley
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




  45. Stay strong, while you prepare for the worse – expect the best. Keep hope! You will get through this. We hope and pray with you. You are strong and determined. If we could go to you and help, if it was to give food water shelter, or just hold you hand and wipe your tears, we would instantly. We are helpless in that respect, but are doing what we can to support the teams and agencies that are there. Millions of people here in the United States are trying to help, however we can, even if it’s just a prayer for you. You are always in our thoughts.
    Illinois, USA


    アメリカ イリノイ州

  46. Thank you japan enjineers for hellping your own contry.I hope you get this mail.If I am talking to the boss sorry.I prey that Japan will get better and the damage will cure fast.And I hope peoples homes and family and school would be O.K.With all luck and hope Alex Jeong.4th grader.

    アレックス・ジョン 4年生

  47. Dear Workers,
    This is the time for all of us to be brave and calm. Never give up the whole way through. If you think about giving up, think about Japan! They need alot of encouragments.

    Hopes and Wishes,
    The Karns Family


    韓国 ソウル市

  48. Thank you japan enjineers for hellping your own contry.I hope you get this mail.If I am talking to the boss sorry.I prey that Japan will get better and the damage will cure fast.And I hope peoples homes and family and school would be O.K.With all luck and hope Alex Jeong.


  49. I know that you are getting a hard time there was a tsnami,earthquake and power plants exploded and there wear many many people died I hope that does not happen again. I am very sorry that I can not help you. be careful about earthquake and be safe.


  50. Dear emergency workers,

    You are very brave people to be in Japan and help people survive.
    In Korea I always hope that all the workers and all the people in
    Japan will be heathly.I hope that you will at least have your needs and rebuild Japan beautifully!!Please help people be safe and be carefull.I wish our Korean emergency workers are safe and will help help Japan.Korean workers are working hard to help Japan so please be safe and I will always pray for you!!^^


  51. I am sorry that I can not help. You are having a hard time there. You should be careful of earthquake and tsunami. Also, the power-plants exploded. Many people died because of earthquake, tsunami and power-plant explode. Becareful and be safe.

  52. Dear Workers,
    Be strong and people couldn’t go to Japan.Be safe to clean up the world.I didn’t know the tsunami was so hard that ten thousand people died.I wish that people will be now and will be more people in the world.
    Sincerly,Claudia Lee

  53. hi! my name is joshuakweon. i am sad that Japan had an earthquakes and some ksunami. wHEN I WENT JAPAN ON TOKYO . it was really good there .but rigt now some bad thing happened. i am sorry. i want to help you very much. I’ll donate something to japan so don’t worry. i want to cry. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. FIGHTING!!!

  55. Get power. I belive that you are going to be a hero to the people that you rescured. Beat the sadness and find peace. Be a hero!!!!

  56. I know that you are getting a hard time there was a many people died. I hope that does not happen again. I am very sorry that I can not help you. be safe.

  57. dear japan,

    hi my name is justin.when I heard that in japan had earth quake and
    tsunami I was very sad because my uncle’s there but I was sorry for you that I can’t help you and I will pray for you.Be strong.

  58. Thank you for doing what I believe the rest of the world wants to, but can only watch helplessly by the sidelines and offer what little help we can through prayers and donations. You are truly heroes. Please take care and stay safe during the rescue work. May God always be with you, your families and Japan. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Gambate!

  59. Stay safe and best of luck to all of you! You are in our prayers here in the United States, and I’m sure the rest of the world as well! We want to see Japan back on it’s feet as soon as possible and we are all worried sick about our nakama from Japan! God be with you all!

  60. May the force of love guide every move you make. Remember to take good care of yourself. From Panama, we are following the news about your great work and praying that you will persevere despite the danger. Continue to be brave, take good care of yourself and your family, and please be strong when others need you!


  61. To ALL Emergency Workers and Helpers,
    You are THE real heroes and the world should see on TV what is left after a tsunami and the rescue operations themselves. Especially by those who always complain about ridiculous things or fight with others and live in civilised conditions.Adults, even children should know what a REAL tragedy is like and learn to help.I just can’t imagine what your job is really like but I think you’ll get more power when you think that poeple’s thoughts from all over the world are WITH you and when you manage to find survivors,well….these must be unforgettable moments ordinary people can never experience.



  62. To the brave and dedicated men and woman of the various rescue / emergency services, your perseverance though weary and going back again and again even after heart wrenching and hopeless times, are honoured and I admire you greatly. As a Christian I believe that “What you sow you also reap”. I therefore know you and your loved ones will be greatly blessed for all the sacrifices you are now making. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you.



  63. a friend once sent this quote to me, and i would like to pass it on to all of you who are giving more than the rest of us know how to give of ourselves in a time like this…

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    please know that your presence everyday is what liberates those you save, and it is a gift that will go beyond measure. you are wonderful, thank you 🙂




  64. I am directing all my positive energy to the disaster workers and the victims of this terrible misfortune. I hope these heartfelt thoughts from me in the US and all the other good people of the world will help you get through these horrible events. I wish for quick relief and safety to all the people in Japan who have been hurt by this terrible earthquake.

  65. Dear Emergency Workers,

    Here in America, our hearts go out to you and your country. We are truly inspired by the courage of the Japanese people as you bravely face this disaster with honor. I survived a disaster once, and it was through people like you, working to save lives, rescue people, clean up, and rebuild that really make a difference. I understand that your job is difficult and will pray for you. Please be safe and know that, while you make a world of difference to those who you save, you are also inspiring those who watch from afar.

    With gratitude,
    Elizabeth from New Jersey, United States

  66. Thank you for everything you are doing. We can’t imagine how hard it must be for you, balancing your own internal strife with the dysmal task you face, but be certain that you are not alone. We will help in any way we can. Please, find a way to reach out to us if there is something we can do that will help. You are in our thoughts and our prayers.

  67. We call a person who does something incredibly brave a hero. And most of the time, that hero says, “I was only doing what needed to be done.” You are heroes to us, stepping up without hesitation to help, to save, to protect, at the risk of your own lives. You may not have super powers, but you have super strength of heart, deep compassion. You bring honor to all human beings by your spirit and your actions. We admire you and support you. We pray for you and all the people of Japan. May you continue to find courage and hope and may you be mightily blessed for your selflessness.


  68. Thank you for doing what you can, and shining through this terrible time. 12,000 rescues, the nuclear plants… wonderful wonderful job. I can’t focus on the losses, I just look for those little moments of joy when someone is reunited.

    Odaijinishite. Gambatte. Domo Arigato gozaimasu


  69. I wish you strenght in your body and your spirit. Thank you for saving so many lives.
    You are so courageous.
    This too, will pass.
    We send you our love, from Canada.


  70. I cannot imagine the mental torture that you people face everyday since arriving in the disaster zone. The fact that all of you are able to maintain your composure and refuse to lose hope in the midst of so much suffering, death and destruction is simply amazing. You are all heroes, and know that you will never be alone, for we Malaysians are all with you.


  71. The courage, commitment and dignity that of you and all the Japanese people are a shining example for the world. Godspeed and good luck.


  72. Hang in there, you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Your bravery has truly inspired me. Best of luck in all of your efforts.


  73. WE will pray for speedy recovery to let people of Nippon get back to normalcy soon.
    May GOD bless all those helping the victims & hope all the family of missing persons are RE-UNITED.
    LET NO natural disaster affect the streaming Economy of the WORLD!


  74. Courage is performing even when you are afraid. Watching you rescuers makes me aware of courage and selflessness in the world. Even in the worst of times, you are there helping. You are examples to the world of goodness, I pray for your safety and for protection for you and your family.


  75. Your courage, determination and bravery in this overwhelming situation is a source of inspiration to the world! Please know the world watches and supports you- you are all heroes. It is good to know that you are there and able to help the citizens of Japan at this time of crisis and devastation – the fact that you are there helping others when many of you have yourselves lost family and homes is even more amazing. We bow in honor of you- you have earned the world’s admiration and respect.



  76. I lived in Japan for a year, one of the best years of my life, and I grew to love the Japanese people and tried to speak the language the best I could. I feel and will always feel a personal connection to Japan and its wonderful people.
    Kindness and humility are one of the strengths of the people. You are not alone, as the many messages I have seen attest too. It is very hard to put into words how I feel about what I have seen, and what I continue to see. I think about the people I knew and the many people I see on television who I do not know, but to me the Japanese people taught me one very important thing. We are all brothers and sisters in this world, and I know you will live to see a better day.


  77. Before a tragedy of a magnitude never seen before, you are setting an example of bravery, commitment, and strength to the world. Do not give up now. We are praying for you, for your family, for your friends, and for your country. Unite and be sure that you will overcome this terrible situation together.

    Thank you for you dedicated work.

    Izabela Araujo
    from Belo Horizonte/Sao Paulo – Brazil

  78. you guy have gone thoruh so much i feel so bad for you guys and all so this is a tragedy that you have lost so much i heard your popultion lost 1000 your are such a sophisti country and i am from south whibey middle school sort versision lms my name is victor reeves

  79. My heart breaks for you and your families. I wish I was there to actually help your country but will send money in my place. You will of course stand tall during this tragedy as that is your nature. All of American is holding you in their thoughts and prayers. Please keep in mind, although difficult now, in 5 years the healing will have taken place and this will be a memory. Take care my brothers and sisters from another country. With love, Zoie Brytin from the U.S.


  80. Thank you for your heroic efforts. I am a Japanese American who is moved to tears when I watch you
    working to save lives and help victims of the tsunami. Gambate!

    英雄的なあなた方の行為に感謝します。津波の被害者を救助、救命される姿に涙した日系アメリカ人です。 ガンバッテ!

  81. Thank you so much. You should be beyond proud of what you are doing.

  82. Anna P
    Chesterton, Indiana, USA


  83. Thank you for your courage. I am overwhelmed by emotion when I see the photos. My 3 year old daughter wanted to send some of her own money as a donation, so we made one together, and we sent a lot of love along with it. We are thinking of you and wishing you strength. You are making a positive difference every minute.
    Much love, Jennifer and Chloe; Rhinebeck, New York, USA

  84. I am so grateful for what you are doing. You are making a huge difference in the lives of those you are helping. Please stay safe and strong and remember to take care of yourselves too!

  85. I woke up in the middle of the night last thinking about Japan. I am grieving for you.


  86. Aid workers,
    You are so important to the rebuilding of Japan and I know that for some people and families, you are literally their only hope. I am praying for you all that you find the strength to keep working and helping and not give up. Things can be made right. People can be saved and communities restored. You are part of the hope of your nation. Thank you for your service!


  87. Our hearts are universal. In times like this, we hope you can feel the power of the masses of people praying and sending strength, love and hope.

    Holly Galloway and husband Scott, sons Brody 4 and Gavin 3. Wellington, FL


  88. To all the emergency workers, volunteers, doctors, scientists, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, and anyone else who has been tirelessly trudging through debris and grief to bring some semblance of hope to the people of Japan:

    Thank you for all you do; thank you for the sleepless nights, your efforts, your sweat, your invaluable courage and perseverance. Thank you for putting your lives on the line, and thank you for being the very pillars of support the country needs at this time. Thank you for everything that you have done so far, are doing right this moment, and will do in the future.

    Please remember that when your motivation runs low, you have admirers and supporters all over the world who are sending you their prayers, thoughts, letters, support, and love.

    Respectfully and with much gratitude,

    New York, USA



  89. Thank you for all of the people there who are helping directly. Many people here have donated to show our support. We are thinking about and praying for everyone. May God comfort you and work through you. God bless you.


  90. I don’t know how many will receive this message, but that’s beside the point. I hope it translates properly.
    What you are enduring, what you are struggling through is monumental. The rest of the world is watching Japan with horrified eyes. I don’t know how I’d push on in a scenario like that. But somehow, you are. You are at the forefront of the rebound from the tsunami and earthquakes. “Hero” is not enough to describe what you are doing for your country. What you are doing in the instance of tragedy, even if it puts you in immense danger…it’s incredible. It’s beautiful. I greatly admire and respect all of those who have or currently are enduring the disaster which has stricken your nation. Your strength is humbling, even while the very earth beneath your feet is unstable. I pray for your health and pray that things become stable quickly.
    Much love and hope,
    Molly Gartland


    Molly Gartland

  91. You are the modern heroes of today. I admire your courage, passion and devotion in helping others. You bring strength to those who are weak. You inspire everyone. I may be far but I could feel, hear and see that each and everyone is doing their share to help in their own way. Keep it up. Stay strong. Don’t be discouraged, you are not alone. The world is with you. ^^


  92. hello to all the brave men outside in Japan .

    you are doing a great job – and have the fullest spiritual support from the people here in Germany !
    All that can also donate…
    We appreciate your work – the pictures we see here are heartbreaking..

    Japanese people are strong and they will make it – I adore you for being calm and and supporting each other that much !

    Our hopes and thoughts are with you !

    best wishes from Doitsu !










  93. Greetings to everyone who has been working hard to keep up the morale – you are a true example of a ‘hero’! Know that the whole world is watching and wishing for your safety. I pray for your health and safety!
    Best wishes,

  94. Thank you for being so brave and for doing so much for your people. I know that it is hard to imagine, but things will be better. A few years ago my home was flooded in a big storm so I know how terrible it is to lose your things and to have your life so disrupted by this terrible tragedy. Keep on, be brave and my heart is with you.

  95. Dear Japan,
    I admire your strength and courage during these times. You are in the thoughts and prayers of all of us here in America. We are very worried about you and hope that this letter finds some comfort to your souls. Keep your heads high and proud. We are here to support and help you along this journey of healing and always remember to never give up hope. Bless you all and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    意志を高くもち、誇りを持ってください。 わたしたちはみなさんを支援するためにいます。

  96. Hard workers and mourners of Japan,

    I feel so powerless on the other side of the world. It brings me some comfort to know that people like you are working around the clock to help your community. It takes a lot of guts to confront a disastrous challenge like this one head on by doing your part to rescue, recover, relieve, and rebuild. Thank you for being so brave, I am proud that we have humans as capable and caring as you workers whether you are helping the wounded, working behind the scenes washing clothes or maintaining equipment, or performing the emotional task of recovering bodies.

    Stay strong, you are in my prayers.



  97. To the workers of Japan,

    Thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are an inspiration to everyone and role models. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope you are able to remain strong to complete this tremendous task.

  98. Japanese Emergency Workers:

    Japanese society and culture have influenced many parts of American society. Many of my friends and I are constantly awe-struck at the beauty, ingenuity, and wisdom found in the Japanese culture. In a way, Japanese civilization is a beacon for others in the world, and the influence Japan has had on my friends and I gave us great sadness when we found out about the disaster. Our hearts go out to you, your unconditional courage and honor in the nature of your job, and the constant hard work and pressure you endure to help others. You will always inspire us.

  99. Thank you so much for trying to help Japan.

  100. Thank you for your bravery and dedication. It is a gift you give to those you help. It is a gift for us who see the difficulties. Please take care of yourselves too. Arigato!

  101. Dear Japanese Emergency Workers,

    You are truly heroes of this disaster. Thank you for helping the people who are in devastatingly awful conditions. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Kelli from USA

  102. Stay strong, your work will echo into the future.

  103. Dear Brave Ones,
    Thank you so very much for all of your effort during this time of unimaginable horror and sorrow. I am a mother to a little boy, and your bravery and stamina move me to tears each time I see you on the television working tirelessly to help your fellow people. I would hope that I would be able to find such bravery in myself should I ever have to live through such a disaster. You are truly the heroes of the world. Thank you so very much for showing us who we should all aspire to become. We bow to you in never ending respect and thanks.

    Lori Ann
    Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  104. Sending peace and strength to all of the selfless rescue workers helping in Japan. The world is with you and appreciates everything that you are doing.

  105. Dear emergency workers

    I would like to thank you for you efforts , Also i would like to thank fukushima nuclear plant for risking their life to save Japan ,,,

    Many thanks to you


  106. Thank you so much to everyone helping out. We are praying for you in Japan and really do hope that everything gets better. The selfless acts you are doing truly make you heroes.
    I am a 1/2 Japanese teenager from the States and luckily while my family was not hurt by the tsunami or earthquake, the radiation is an issue and I do hope health, happiness and safety to all there.
    Thank you so much!


  107. May Jesus take care of your soul. Good luck, amen.

  108. Hello,

    I would just like to say that I’m so grateful for what you’re doing in Japan at the moment. You are risking your lives to save other’s. Volunteering for your country’s sake. Even though I am not Japanese, I am extremely proud and happy that volunteer workers and rescuers are helping their country’s citizens and halting the exposure to nuclear disaster. Keep on working and the positive affects of helping out others will come your way. Emotional Love and Support is coming from Canada!

    Meghan M.
    Grade 9 Student
    Master’s Academy & College
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  109. To the workers in Japan,
    Your courage and bravery is inspiring. Know that you are in our prayers and thoughts as you work to help the people of Japan. We hope that you stay strong in this terrible tragedy. Thank you for your dedication and hard work; you are a hero for the Japanese people. Never let go of hope and may Gob be with you.

  110. Your hard work and bravery have not gone unnoticed. Stay strong. I can only imagine how difficult that must be. Our hearts are with you.

    Karen from New York

  111. To all of you, you are true heroes. The conditions you are in, risking your lives and health to save others, are unimaginable. I wish you so many blessings and protections, and that your work will touch the hearts of so many. It must be so hard to see such devastation, just know that every effort you make counts for so much. Try and shore each other up, and know that international community is thinking of you, praying for you, and holding you in our hearts.


  112. Your courage and honour at this time of need is truly inspiring and gives the world hope that we can all pull together to help our fellow human beings.

  113. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy in this time of tragedy. My thoughts are with you day and night. Witnessing your courage, resourcefulness, and selflessness brings me hope for the human race. With deepest respect, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  114. Hi my name is Melina, and heard what happened and I’m sorry. I hope you and your family are okay and also your house. We will try to help you.

  115. Dear Workers,
    I hope you are helping out the city of Japan. But I am thinking
    of you.

  116. Dear Worker,
    I hope you help your country get better.

    Your friend,

  117. Dear Workers,
    I hope you are ok. I appreciate what you’re doing.

  118. Dear worker,
    I hope you don’t get any radiation.
    Radiation sucks.
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
    I hope you’re O.K.

  119. dear eamergancyworker, I hope you help a lot of people fight for their lives. If you can do that, those people will have more time to live.

  120. Dear workers,
    I heard what happened. I think it is sad for you guys I hope you are ok and your house is ok I saw some things like boats that got pushed into a house. We will try to help you.
    Good luck.
    Your friend,

  121. Dear Workers,

    I hope you’re okay, and helping other people outside in the city.

  122. Dear student, 3/17/11

    Hi my name is Lex. I heard what happened and I’m sorry about what happened to your country. I hope you are ok and you try to stay safe.

  123. Dear student, 3/17/11

    Hi my name Ian hope you’re ok. i’m sorry what happened to Japan.
    i hate tsunamis


  124. We are pray for japanese
    If u help somone the gad ( Allah) will help you.


  125. Hello,

    I really hope you find all the people dead or alive. I am going to fold 1000 paper cranes for you, my grade is hoping for you. Keep on going.


  126. Dear Rescue Worker,
    Thank you for being in Japan. Your help is appreciated. You are truely a hero for putting your life in danger for other people. Thanks again.

  127. Dear Rescue Worker,
    Thank you for being in Japan. Your help is very much appreciated. You are truely a hero for putting your life in danger to help others. Thanks again.

  128. I hope you are doing okay. Hang in there. I hope everything will work out for you okay.

  129. When a person is willing to put his life at risk in order to rescue or save another human being in a peril situation, that man in many ways derserves the tag of HERO. All of you that have chosen to go out into harsh conditions, risk your own lives and suffer who knows how many troubles just in order to save those in need move the hearts of all the rest in the world. I thank you, the more selfless people there are in the world, the better it will be!

    Go on brave heros of Japan, give your all and we will give you the support and positive energy that we can possibly spare!

  130. I am proud to be a member of your race. Praying for you and those you are helping. Godspeed!

  131. thank you for your heroic work! God bless you!
    we are all praying for the people of japan! ❤

  132. Dear rescue workers,

    Thank you for your efforts in helping the people affected by the recent disaster. You are truly worthy of the highest respect, and myself and the rest of the world offer you support and best wishes. You are a source of inspiration for everyone, and may you come through this difficult time with pride and strength.
    I think about you and the people of Japan every day, and hope for the safety of all those involved. Please remember that things will get better, thanks to your hard work.

    Good luck and again, thank you,

    Laura (from Northern Ireland)

  133. Your efforts are appreciated by the people from all over the world.
    Your names will be written everywhere. You all are heroes.

  134. Japanese people have always been an inspiration for me. They are the best at every job they do. Their dedication is the cause for this. Dear emergency workers: I wish your energy lasts forever. I wish you never fail hope. What you do is a holy effort. May the god be with you.

  135. It must be so hard to do what you have to do. I know how cold it is there — I spent two years in Sendai and I was always cold — and I know that you don’t have much heat where you are, or very good resources. But the whole world is watching you, and we are all so grateful that you are prepared to do this work. If any good can come of a disaster like this, it is seeing that so many people manage to work together amicably, under such difficult conditions, and so selflessly. Thank you.

  136. Dear emergency workers,
    You are all true heroes. I’m incredibly sorry for the tragedy that has hit your country, but my heart gets filled with hope when I think about your hard work and effort. You are an amazing source of inspiration and we should all aspire to be as hard working and brave as you.
    Keep save. My thoughts are with you and your country.

    – Nina from Denmark

  137. Please know that you are heroes and my prayers go out to you in the tremendous task ahead. Your dedication is an inspiration to all. Words cannot say how sorry I am for this disaster that has befallen your wonderful country. Your people are strong and resilient and Japan will recover. Stay safe.

    -Darrel from Canada

  138. 日本ではすべてのボランティア労働者:



  139. Thank you for your courage.
    Thank you for your bravery.
    Thank you for your determination.
    Thank you for your commitment to helping others.
    Thank you for doing the work that I cannot do.
    Thank you for saving lives by risking yours.
    Please remember that all of you are in my prayers.

    Serenity from Chicago, IL (USA)

  140. Words have power, especially written words – I hope all these letters from all over the world will stay with you through these toughest times and keep your spirits up and your hearts warm.
    We are together, we are the one and everything is going to be alright and it is because of your tremendously hard work. God bless you!

  141. I am inspired by the dignity of the Japanese people in the face of this great tragedy and especially by you, the emergency workers. While it may simply be your duty, your choice to do this difficult work improves the lives of many who need that help very much right now. In the face of difficulty, please remember that you make a great difference.

  142. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are saving lives and rebuilding futures! Peace be on you and on your efforts.

    ++Takashi Nagai, Pray for Japan++

  143. Hello and thank you, whatever your name might be, I want to thank you for all the hard work your are putting into this cause. You are brave and kind and that is why I think of you as a hero. Dear officer, doctor or soldier, please don’t give up at any moment. I know you might be tired, or frustrated, but please don’t give up for there are lots of people who are counting on you.
    I am rooting for you, even when I don’t know you and you don’t know me I know you are good because of what you are doing. Please accept my respects and support.

    Esteban Lopez
    London, Ontario, Canada.

  144. Hello strong workers of Japan,

    Please hang in there and continue doing a great job. I am so proud of all the hard work everyone is doing and I am happy to know that there are so many people that are kind enough to help. Please continue keeping Japan safe.

    Ayla Holthaus
    Oxford, Georgia United States

  145. 日本にいる就活をしていますの皆様へ



    ケイティ・セン コロラドスプリングス、コロラド USA 二十歳

  146. To All Emergency Rescuers,

    I cannot begin to express the amount of compassion and gratitude I have for all of you who have given up your time and are willing to risk your lives to help this country in their time of need. It is people like you that really are the most important and help the most of all. Those of you that come from different countries to help are truly worthy of being called a “Hero”. And those of you that are from Japan have even more courage and strength than those around you. Each and every single one of you is a respectable person and the world needs more of you. You are the ones that do the tasks that the rest of the world wishes they can help with. I know, myself personally, I very much wish I could help you. Being able to make that decision to help the Japanese people is so amazing I truly have no words that I can express to you. You have stolen my breath away and I give my heart to each of you. You truly are inspiring and worthy of praise and appreciation. I send you all my hope, luck, and especially love. Please continue to make your country and the whole world proud.

    With all my love,
    Olivia Goguen from San Jose, California, USA

  147. Dear Friends,
    There is really no way to fully express the gratitude and deep respect I (and most of the world) feel for you, and the heroism and bravery you all are displaying. You are risking your lives and there is no greater sacrifice.

    I pray with the rest of the planet for the best possible outcome and hold you all in my heart with love. You are heroes, every man and woman.

    I am so very sorry for this entire tragedy and for your suffering as you struggle in conditions unimaginable to most of us, and I stand humbled before you. Many are with you in spirit. With love, Jane

  148. To the Tokyo Metropolitan firemen and police officers helping in Fukushima,

    When most would seek distance from such dangerous and uncertain conditions, your courage and resolution inspires us in this sad time. The sight of your trucks on NHK filled me with hope. Stay courageous, stay resolute, and please stay safe.

    To you and all of the brave emergency workers throughout Japan, my most heartfelt thanks. Your actions in response to this tragedy fill the world with awe.

  149. お勤めご苦労さまです。貴方のご活動、頭が下がります。日本と被災された方を救ってくれて有難う。心より尊敬と御礼を申し上げます。どうぞ、ご無事で。お身体お大事になさってください。

  150. 日本のヒーロへ、thank you! Please know that you are much appreciated. You are not just a hero, but someone who has truly put others before one’s self. You are also a victim, yet you set that aside to help others. You are in our prayers. People like yourself is the reason why Japan was such a successful country, and you will also be the reason why Japan will definitely get back to its feet once again. Thank you! God bless! From Kat of California USA

  151. Please, stay strong! Life is hard but these are the times which we must come together to help one another. Please do not give up hope or strength even though everything feels so dark. With the darkness comes light and you are that light to so many people right now!
    Stay safe! My heart and thoughts are with you!

    Alex Tanguay from Arizona, USA

  152. I have lived in Japan for 5 years. Sometimes it has been difficult and frustrating, but today, I am so very proud of my adopted country. I have seen so much kindness and bravery and dignity in the last few days.
    Some foreigners are leaving in panic, but here in Nagoya there is a group of more than 100 foreign residents working together to try and help. You are doing incredible work and we will not abandon you. Your country has given us a home and a welcome, and now an inspiring model of courage, honor and duty. You have our utmost respect, our thoughts and prayers, and any help we can give.
    Abigail, Nagoya, Japan

  153. Without people like yourselves this tragedy would be so much worse,thank you for helping out the unfortunate people in Japan.

  154. 日本の皆様へ、

  155. Deep thanks, from all our hearts, for helping all those unfortunate people. You are the real-life Supermen, and I hope you keep it up.

    Hopes, prayers, and regards from the UAE.

  156. As my eyes fill with tears and my heart breaks for Japan, yet I am filled with hope because of people like you. May God continue to give you the strength to carry on.
    I am praying not only for all rescue workers, but for God’s peace to cover all of Japan.

  157. Despite your own devastating personal losses and grief, you have overcome, putting the needs of your people and country first. The people of japan are an inspiration to all of us. I feel humbled by their bravery, compassion and generosity. In a world that too often revolves around the “me firsts”, you have reminded us that the “others first” still exist. I am so proud of the citizens of Japan, you are examples of the best humanity has to offer. You have stayed ever present in my mind, heart and prayers. I know these days are dark, but never give up hope. Remember the world is with you this day, and every day, no matter how long it takes to heal your land and people. You will not be forgotten, the world cares!

  158. When a disaster happens, it’s hard to know what to do. But there are some people who will stand up to help others even in the most difficult times. Please know that this event has had an impact far beyond its physical reach, and no matter what even people far away are sharing with our Japanese friends in tears, prayers, and hope. Relief and emergency workers are doing what we all wish we could, and there’s no way to say enough to express our gratefulness and admiration. Looking across the ocean from Washington state, with love and prayers, from Sabrina.

  159. Thank you so much for everything that you are all doing out there. There are many of us who wish to be there to help in devastating times like this, so please remember that you are the true strength behind our prayers. We may not be able to put names with the faces we see on television who are courageously working out there day and night, but know that as the world watches every single one of you, we give so much thanks and praise. God bless you all for all your hard work!

  160. Thank you very much emergency workers from many different countries. You sacrafice your life to help those in need and i truely respect you all for that. I hope all is well and may the best of luck be with you.

  161. Thank you to all those who are helping Japan. I’m sure everyone appreciates all of you who are helping to rebuild your great nation. Right now, Japan needs the world and the world needs Japan. The effort you are all giving to fix this unfair mess is so greatly appreciated that it can’t be explained in words.

  162. To the nuclear plant workers:
    I offer my sincere condolences for your recent tragedy as well as my admiration for your bravery and prayers for everyone’s safety.

    I respectfully suggest you beach two barges containing large naval-type hull and fire pumps. Supply each holding pool with a constant supply of seawater.
    Quickest solution? Beach a couple of used destroyers and run the pump out put via portable hoses. Watering the building will only keep the outer walls cool. As you know, it’s vital that water flow directly into the reactor containment and fuel storage pools.
    I understand the high risk to workers and sympathize with their plight. The Canadian navy did a lot of research into working in intense areas and came up with pr-wetting. Perhaps a constant mist of water around a worker might offer a way of sluicing off contamination quickly?

    It wouldn’t need many people to man the pumps after the ship has been beached and evacuated.

    Kindest Regards,
    John Tripp

  163. バビロンによって翻訳されます。com
    原子力発電所労働者に: 私は皆の安全であなたの勇敢さと祈りのために、私の称賛と同様、あなたの最近の悲劇のために私の誠実な弔辞を提供します。 私は敬意を持ってあなたが大きい海軍のタイプの船体と火ポンプを含んでいる2隻のてんま船を岸に上げることを提案します。 それぞれの持株プールに海水の一定の供給を供給してください。最も速い解決? 2隻の中古の駆逐艦を岸に上げて、そしてポータブルホースによって外に置かれたポンプを動かしてください。

  164. You all are the heroes of Japan
    You all are heroes of humanity
    May all of humanity learn from your heroic efforts
    to give of yourself without asking for something in return

    Thank you for being you!

  165. I just want to say keep up the good work. I am many other American soldiers wish we were there to help.The work you are doing is wonderful and our hearts go out to you. You are in our thoughts and always on our mind.
    May God bless Japan and guide her in this time of need.

    Spc Cohea

  166. Dear Emergency workers
    You are doing a fantastic job at this terrible time. Our hearts go out to you all. Stay strong and may God be with you. xx

  167. To The Workers In Japan,
    Thank you for showing us who the true heroes that stand among us are. I have so much respect for you all and hope things will get better soon.
    Hoping for the best.

  168. Dear Relief Workers,

    Thank god you are there to help so many people. You put your own lives on the line to help others and I praise you for that. It’s a wonderful thing that people like you are in the world. Never give up hope.


  169. To all the people who are helping the diaster efforts and search/rescue in Japan: my prayers are for your country right now. I found myself in tears looking at the photos of the devistation from the earthquake and tsunami….although I am thousands of miles away in Seattle, my heart cries out for the citizens of Japan. It tears me up seeing the pain and suffering. Just know that everyone is thinking of Japan.

  170. Thank you for all of your courage and hard work helping your fellow citizens in this great time of need. You are without a doubt all heroes. My thoughts are with all of you and the people of Japan.

    With gratitude, love and best wishes from a neighbour across the Pacific in Victoria BC.

  171. There are no words to express the gratitude that one can feel towards your efforts and all of your hard work. No one can understand what all of you are going through, only yourselves… What I want to express to you is my deepest wishes that you make it through the day with even more strength and more courage to make it through the next day. That you have even more support from everyone around the world… And that your efforts are being noticed.

    Be strong. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  172. To all the Relief Workers:
    We are all watching from all over the world in hope. Your efforts and hard work are saving so many lives. You are all true heroes, and everyone salutes you for your care and devotion towards all who were caught in this emergency. With your aid, you have saved more lives than can be counted, and aided all those in need.

    Thank you so much for your care to help those in such desperate need.

  173. Over a week and you are still working hard, there is nobody doing a more worthwhile job than you at the moment.

  174. To all who selflessly give of themselves in Japan,

    We are pray for you and are in awe of you. Your actions are compassionate and truly heroic. Thank you for this profound act of service to your country and to the whole world. We hold you in our hearts and thoughts.

  175. You guys are doing so great and keep it up ! The world is really proud of what everyone of you is doing ! Thank you so much for doing what we outsiders want to do but eventually, incapable of doing so ! God bless you !

  176. my heartiest gratitude to all of you, stay strong! we are praying for all of your safety. strong is victory!strong is happiness!

  177. You guys have a terribly scary job, but you’re so courageous for doing it! Without you rescue workers, things would be much worse. Please remember that we are all very grateful for your help and commitment.

  178. As I see the unimaginable horrors that have unfolded before my eyes daily since March 11, 2011 on my television screen, my heart breaks. But at the same time, I am so impressed at the sacrifice and dedication of all of you who are working to help people who have suffered so much already. I know that many of you who are helping have suffered losses yourself. I would like to thank all of you for your sacrifice. I would like to send out a special thanks to the workers at the Nuclear Power plant who are working at great risk to themselves to save many others from harm. Thank you all.

  179. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are a hero (yes, really!) and your actions in helping others are terrific. Know that though they NEED you, we truly appreciate you being there, too! God bless you, and/or thanks again, depending on your beliefs!

  180. Thank you so much for helping the poor Japanese who have been caught up in such a terrible disaster. I wish you guys and the victims a safe journey. I am so proud!

  181. Your bravery is greatly appreciated in ways words cannot describe. I hope you ALL stay safe in this terrible time, despite the risks you take, putting your own life on the line. You all are superheroes, (cape or no cape!) for behaving with such courage. Bless you ALL! Again, words cannot describe your sheer willpower to risk everything for strangers. Bless you all. ❤

  182. To ALL THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN of different nations, who as of this time are UNITED, risking their lives to help our fellowmen in Japan, I am dedicating my daily prayers to you, along with the victims of the Tsunami and Quake. Our thoughts are with you,may you will have more strength, will power, hope and love to continue on helping the survivors.

    To the WORKERS OF THE FUKUSHIMA DAICHI NUCLEAR PLANT: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for your HEROIC efforts to help avert a nuclear catastrophy, which could affect also other nations. I admire your courage, strength, determination, professionalism passion and compassion . I have always admired the work ethics and attitude of Japanese people, and on this crisis, your exceptionalism shines across the globe. We will continually pray for you, and for that, we will be forever thankful.

    Faith, Hope and Love to you all!

    God Bless!

  183. Hello I’m Nora from Saudi Arabia with you my heart and I hope to end this tragedy and go back to Japan what it was even better than that all the Arabs with you I love you and invite you to ba good

  184. We are thinking of you and will not forget about this in several months when more help is needed to rebuild Japan. I pray I am led where and when to offer the help that is needed.

  185. Dear Emergency workers,
    Thank you for working so hard. Keep up all of your good work!
    Love from America!

  186. To the Emergency Workers, I am a witness, to your hardwork, courage, strength and determination from far away in south-central Canada. You are truly heroes risking so much to help find survivors and the unfortunate casualties, aid in rescue, attending to the injured, offering assistance in shelters, helping in preventing a nuclear crisis and so much more! THANK YOU! I pray that you will stay safe!

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